Academic Progress

The established minimum standard of the University requires a 2.00 grade point average for all programs, except the Teacher Education programs and the dual-degree program with Ohio University - Chillicothe which require a 3.0 grade point average. The policy for sub-standard grades is designed to encourage the students with academic problems to adopt corrective measures early in their college careers. It is also a policy that encourages the academic achievement of students. Students may appeal their first academic suspension with a formal petition to the Academic Committee. Conditions relating to such appeals appear later. The section on restrictions also demonstrates this same flexibility through the fact that even upperclassmen may either delay or jeopardize hope of graduation through poor academic performance regardless of overall GPA.

Any student whose semester grade point average falls below 2.00, and who holds an elective office in any student organization will be asked to resign that position. Re-qualification to hold a student office is contingent upon the achievement of a minimum 2.00 GPA for both semester and cumulative averages.

The Academic Committee may impose restrictive and/or corrective measures it feels are necessary and advisable to help students overcome their grade point average deficiency.