Classification of Students

Upon admission students are classified by the Registrar’s Office. Students are reclassified after each semester. In the reclassification process, if a student is border line between two classifications, the Registrar may give the higher classification.


Students admitted to a regular course of study.


Students who have completed 30 semester hours. Students enrolled in the second year of the Associate of Arts program are classified as sophomores and are eligible to participate in all sophomore class activities. Participation in senior activities (Junior-Senior Banquet, incidental graduation events) is by invitation from the senior class.


Students who have completed 60 semester hours.


Students who have completed 90 semester hours. A student may participate in senior activities only once.

Unclassified Students:

Includes students who are part-time (one to eleven hours) and not pursuing a degree or diploma program, in evening school only, or auditing.