A Message from the Provost, Dr. Hank Kelly

Ohio Christian University is committed to three areas of excellence: learning environment, curricular content, and spiritual environment. The faculty and university community share the belief that the Bible is a book of unparalleled truth and wisdom and is the foundation of all truth, and its truth is enduring. Consequently, a biblical worldview is integrated in every course regardless of the subject, and every student takes Bible courses.

We strive for excellence in structuring our learning environment with a pleasant physical and social atmosphere. One of our finest and most modern campus facilities is our library. Adjacent to the library is our chapel in which services are held twice a week. The Student Center with the dining room and Blaze Café is where students and faculty meet socially. Our faculty are committed, caring, and approachable, and most classes are small and personal.

Our faculty have carefully planned the curricula so that it carries out our mission. The thrust of our mission is to prepare students to succeed in their ministries and careers, thus serving both the church and society. Our educational program is planned for students to be able to take with them significant learning experiences gained in the classrooms under the instruction of Christian professors and through spiritual experiences that become defining moments for their lives.

Finally, in concert with promoting learning, our students’ spiritual life must also be developed. True learning that leads to wisdom is gained by balancing the cognitive discipline of learning with a growing relationship with Christ and acting on that knowledge and relationship.

We hope to prepare our students for life as well or better than any university.

Dr. Hank Kelly