Air Force Aerospace Studies

353 Converse Hall
2121 Tuttle Park Place
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Qualified students interested in obtaining an officer’s commission in the Air Force may enroll in Air Force ROTC classes through contracted agreement between The Ohio State University and the United States Air Force.

The first two years of enrollment (freshman/sophomore), is the General Military Course, which includes lessons on officership, communication, aerospace doctrine and history of military aviation. There is no obligation to serve in the military for non-scholarship cadets the first two years. The last two years (junior/senior), is the Professional Officer Course (POC), which entails leadership, management, supervision, communication skills and national defense policy. Air Force ROTC cadets also attend a two-hour leadership laboratory period each week and participate in two hours of physical fitness training per week. A cadet must enroll in the POC for two academic years to be eligible for a commission; however, at least three to four years is desirable.

Air Force ROTC offers four-, three-, and two-year scholarships. Four-year scholarships are applied for during the senior year in high school (High School Scholarship Program). Three and two-year scholarships are offered to qualified men and women in college, regardless of major (In-College Scholarship Program, Foreign Language EXPRESS Scholarship and EXPRESS Scholarship). The benefits provided by scholarships could include full payment of tuition, $900 per year for textbooks, and a tax-free allowance of up to $500 per month (dependent on what AS year cadet is in). Upon entering the Professional Officer Course (POC), all cadets (scholarship and non-scholarship) may receive up to a $400 per month tax-free allowance.

All academic classes, Leadership Lab and physical fitness sessions are conducted at The Ohio State University Main Campus. More information on Air Force classes or scholarships can be obtained by calling the Department of Air Force Aerospace Studies at 614-292-5441.