Trailblazer Academy

Dual Enrollment/Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO)

Trailblazer Academy offers high school students the opportunity to take college courses at Ohio Christian University through Dual Enrollment/Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) to earn college credit and/or high school graduation credit through the successful completion of college courses. Our courses are fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and the Ohio Board of Regents.

Additionally, this program allows students to take college courses on the University Campus, online, or in select high schools.

Students enrolled in either a private or public school system in grades 9-12 in the state of Ohio may participate in this program under Option A (Self-Pay) at a significantly reduced tuition rate or Option B (State Funding). Home school students may participate only under Option A (Self-Pay). Under this program students may enroll in 100 and 200 level college courses and receive credit on both the high school and college level. Out-of-state students may participate in the Trailblazer Academy program under Option A (Self-Pay) at a significantly reduced tuition rate. Please refer to the Admissions section for additional requirements.

Students considering this program should check with their high school guidance counselors. The program requires that schools provide counseling to students and parents to inform them of possible risks and consequences of taking part in the dual enrollment programs. Students and parents must sign the Post-Secondary Counseling Requirement form and the Post-Secondary Participation form, indicating that counseling was provided and all responsibilities for participation are understood.

Students enrolled in the Trailblazer Academy are considered university students and are subject to all the rules and regulations of the University. Once enrolled under the dual enrollment program, students do not need to re-apply to continue on as a full-time student upon graduation from high school.

Detailed information on Trailblazer Academy and Ohio PSEO is available from the Admissions Office or online at Ohio Department of Education (ODE) information about the Ohio PSEO program can be found on the ODE website under school options.