Transfer Student Policy

Students desiring to transfer from another post-secondary institution should follow the admission procedures described above. It is permissible to enter the degree courses at either the fall or spring semester. The following provisions govern your transition to Ohio Christian University:

  • The student seeking enrollment by transfer from another college must request that an official transcript of all college courses be sent from their college.
  • Individual courses in which at least a "C-" grade or its equivalent has been earned at accredited (ABHE or regionally accredited) institutions are eligible for transfer credit. Up to a maximum of 95 semester hours of transfer credit may be accepted from these accredited four year colleges or up to 64 semester hours from junior or community colleges.
  • Credits earned at a non-accredited college may be accepted for transfer credit after probationary study at Ohio Christian University of 30 semester hours in which a GPA of 2.0 or higher has been achieved. The maximum number of credits transferable from a non-accredited college is 60.
  • Requests for evaluation of transfer credit are usually processed within five business days. If consultation with the department chairs is required, the process may take an additional five business days.
  • Each applicant for transfer admission will be notified of the specific course credits or equivalents to be granted by Ohio Christian University.

Transferable Credits for Bible & Theology

Transfer students, except those in the Religion Department, will be required to take Bible and theology courses based on the number of transferable credit hours, as delineated on the chart below.

Transferable Credits 0-29 30-44 45-59 60-74 75-89 90
Required OCU Bible Credits 30 24 21 18 16 14
Gospels (3)     º º º      
Pentateuch (3) º º        
Bible Elective (3) º          
Intro to Missions (3) º          
Basic Christian Beliefs (3) º º º º º º
Old Testament Survey (3) º º º º º º
New Testament Survey (3) º º º º º º
Worldviews (3) º º º º º º
Bible Study Methods (2) º º º º    
Personal Evangelism (2) º º º º º  
Theology Capstone (2) º º º º º º