Tuition and Fees

Tuition per Semester/Term (Fall & Spring)  
Tuition (Above 16 hrs.) per semester hour $485
Tuition (12-16 hrs.) per semester $8,235
Tuition (1-11 hrs.) per semester hour $710
Tuition (Summer Term) per semester hour $385
Student Support Fees per Semester  
7 hours & above $575
1-6 hours $300
Room and Board per Semester  
Room with 19 meals per week ‡ $3,749
Room Deposit
  (This amount is subtracted from Room & Board. It is not an additional fee).
Private Room † $250
Room-Summer Term  
Room per week $50
Lab Fees  
Ohio History Course (if taken) $75
Applied Music $120
Instrumental Lab Fee $100
TE100 Lab Fee (PRAXIS I) $240
TE313 Lab Fee (OAE-APK) $105
TE324-EC Lab Fee (OAE Content Exams) $105
TE324-MC Lab Fee (OAE Content Exams) $210
Miscellaneous Fees  
Late Fee Registration $100
Registration $50
Tuition Deposit (First-time Freshman only)
  (This amount is subtracted from tuition. It is not an additional fee).
Graduation $100
Schedule Change $50
Transcript * $5
Independent Study (per hour) $150
CLEP Test ** $50
Audit ^^ 50% tuition
Program Activity Fee $150

‡ No credit is given for meals missed without administrative approval.
† Additional charge per semester, if room is available.
* Transcripts are issued only after a student has made satisfactory arrangements for full payment.
^^ Senior citizens, age 60 and older [proof required], may attend (audit) classes at no tuition charge providing there is space available and the professor gives permission. Book and material costs and course fees are the responsibility of the individual auditing the course. Registration is not required; no grade or credit will be recorded.
**$50 payable to OCU and $80 payable to The College Board (CLEP) per test.