Institutional Grants

Ohio Christian University Need Based Grant

The Ohio Christian University Need Based Grant is used as a supplement to all other financial aid in order to reduce a student's out-of-pocket semester cost to correspond with the guaranteed payment categories as shown on the Expected Family Income (EFC) Based Guaranteed Payment Categories on the table below. Your EFC is the number that is used to determine a student's eligibility for federal student aid and can be found on the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA), which can be completed by visiting

EFC Based Guaranteed Payment Categories

Maximum Out-of-Pocket Payment Per Semester**

0-1000 $2,500
1001-2000 $3,000
2001-3000 $3,500
3001-4000 $4,000
4001-5000 $4,500
5001-6000 $5,000
6001-7000 $5,500
7001-8000 $6,000

*EFC Based Guaranteed Payment Categories are based on students taking 12-16 credit hours.
**Maximum out-of-pocket payment is calculated after all other sources of financial aid (including Direct Loans) have been applied to a student's account.

Church Matching Grant

OCU will match any money that a student’s church contributes to his or her education with up to $500 dollars per semester. Church Matching Grant forms can be found in the Financial Aid Office and online.

$1000/Year Good Neighbor Quality Student Grant

The Good Neighbor Quality Student Grant is awarded to students who have graduated from a high school in one of the following Ohio counties: Pickaway, Ross, Fairfield, Fayette, Pike, Hocking, Madison, Franklin, Licking, Christian Schools or Home Schools.

$500 per Sibling/Year Sibling Grant

The Sibling Grant is offered to all siblings who attend OCU at the same time and are both classified as dependent students.

Additional Institutional Scholarships

Scholarship applications are made available each spring to students who will be returning for the coming fall semester. These institutional scholarships are formally awarded to continuing students each April. Criteria for these scholarships vary but are largely based on a student’s community and ministry involvement as well as academic achievement.