Worship Leadership

Worship Leadership Programs

Choosing a Worship Leadership Program

What option fits me best?

Quick Facts

  • You can combine worship leadership with many other areas of study
  • These options recognize your unique set of gifts and callings
  • The programs share a common set of professional courses.

What options are available?

  • BA in Worship Leadership
    • A full 50-hour Major
    • A 34-hour Major, plus any Minor or AA Program offered by OCU
  • BA in Worship Leadership - Dual Major: A 30-hour Worship Leadership Major plus
    • A 30-hour Christian Ministry Major OR
    • A 30-hour Business Major
  • AA in Worship Leadership
  • Minor in Worship Leadership

Why build these options?

  • Each student has a unique set of callings and gifts.
  • A few are called to full-time worship ministries.
  • Many worship leaders are bi-vocational.
    • Two responsibilities in one full-time ministry position
    • A primary week-day job with a part-time commitment to a local church

Who should consider each program?

The 50-hour Major in Worship Leadership

This program is for the student whose gifts and worship leading experiences are exceptional, and has a desire to engage in full-time worship ministry.

The 30- or 34-hour Major in Worship Leadership:
  • Combined with the 30-hour Christian Ministry Major

For the student who is gifted and called to worship leadership and other church ministries. Many full-time opportunities in local churches combine areas of responsibility. This program recognizes those who serve one congregation with a variety of gifts, in a variety of roles.

  • Combined with the 30-hour Business Major

Many churches need a part-time or volunteer person to fill the worship leadership role. This dual major is for the student who is gifted and called to worship leadership and envisions serving a local church in finance or administration, or working in a week-day business job, while serving a church in part-time worship ministry.

  • Combined with any Minor or AA degree offered by OCU

This program extends the options available in the dual-major programs, allowing students to prepare for callings as diverse as early childhood education, sports ministry, pastoral care, disaster management, and more!

The Minor or Associate of Arts program in Worship Leadership

These options are available to the student who wants to earn a primary degree in another field and add preparation in Worship Leadership. They work well within the Interdisciplinary Studies programs.

Entrance Requirements

Is this program for me? Am I ready to audition?

Our program is for both intermediate and advanced musicians. Most students who enter it will already have some experience in music ministry. Almost all will have areas where their skills need to grow before graduation. All will be challenged to become better leaders and musicians.

To graduate, each student must demonstrate musical and leadership skills for worship ministry: leadership that is confident and enjoyable, providing an atmosphere where others can follow in worship without distraction.

Admission to the program means we believe you have, or are ready to develop these skills.


  • References
  • Essay
  • Music Theory Placement Exam
  • Audition


Please provide a brief letter of recommendation (at least 1-2 paragraphs) from someone who has seen your heart for ministry and can comment on your Christian testimony. Send these letters to wl@ohiochristian.edu or to OCU, attention Music Department.


Please write your testimony, describing your personal faith in Christ and why you believe you are called to ministry. If you are exploring a calling, you may write about that, too. Send the essay to wl@ohiochristian.edu.

Music Theory Placement Exam

This exam does not determine admission. It lets us know if you need Music Fundamentals before Music Theory I. It covers basic music concepts like notation, scales, chords and rhythm.

You will take this exam after your audition. Contact us for a study guide, if you want to prepare. You may choose to take Music Fundamentals instead of completing the exam.


The audition helps ensure you are ready to succeed in this program and calling. To enter a worship program, students must demonstrate musical skill in at least one instrument or in singing.

Audition:  Voice Evaluation

Be prepared to sing for the audition.

You may accompany yourself, bring an accompanist, or sing with a sound track. We are interested in singers from a variety of backgrounds and musical styles. Singing music in a variety of styles is a plus.

If singing is not your best musical skill, please understand we are willing to help you grow in this area. Let us hear your audition and discuss your options with you. All worship students must have or be ready to develop this ability.

Audition:  Keyboard or Guitar Evaluation

If you have skills in keyboard or guitar, be prepared to play for us, whether you are advanced or not. If you need to develop one of these instruments, and show readiness to learn, we will place you in preparatory classes.

Starting without much preparation in either keyboard or guitar will present a challenge, but it is a reachable goal, since the requirement focuses on functional skills. Depending on how quickly you progress, this could mean your program will take a little longer to complete.