Attendance Policy

Onsite Students


Students are expected to be present when class begins and remain the entire class session. Students will be considered tardy if they arrive more than 30 minutes late for a class session or leave earlier than 30 minutes before the end of a class session. Two tardies will equal an absence. In the case of an emergency, a student may be allowed one tardy in courses that are three class sessions or fewer in length.  Even if a tardy is for a legitimate reason, participation points will still be deducted.  Students exceeding the allowed tardies/absences will be given a withdrawal grade.


Under emergency circumstances, a student may be allowed one absence in courses that are four class sessions or more in length. Students are not allowed an absence for any course that has three class sessions or fewer in length. Even if an absence is for a legitimate reason or approved by appeal, participation points will still be deducted.  Homework assignments for the class of absence are still due as scheduled. Students exceeding the allowed tardies/absences will be given a withdrawal grade.
Attendance by technology will not count towards class participation points or at-tendance.

Absence Appeal

An absence appeal may be filed for emergency circumstances that arise leading to more than allowed absences. Please contact your Academic Advisor to obtain and complete the appropriate form in such situations. Contact must be made and the appeal form submitted within 7 days of the absence.

Late Instructor

Should an instructor be late for a class session, students are expected to wait a minimum of 30 minutes and contact the site coordinator, Student Services, or the Answer Center, before leaving. If the instructor arrives within that 30 minute period and any student has left, the student will be counted as absent for the class session. If the instructor does not arrive within the 30 minute period, the students may leave and arrangements will be made to make up those class hours sometime during the time frame of the course or additional assignments will be given.

Cancellation of Onsite Classes

Ohio Christian University offers classes at many different locations throughout the states of Ohio and Georgia. Weather can vary greatly at these campus locations. Each location will constitute a separate evaluation and decision process, and therefore, class cancellations due to weather issues may apply to some but not all students. As possible, school closing will be determined by 3:00 p.m. the day for which classes are scheduled or by Friday evening in relationship to Saturday morning classes.

Students and professors will be notified through their OCU email account and telephone (as possible) if classes at their specific location are canceled. Students may also call the Adult and Graduate Student Services toll free line at 877-496-8342 after 3 p.m. for the most up-to-date information.

If classes are canceled, professors will contact students regarding make-up.

If classes are not canceled, students must make decisions related to their own attendance based on the
attendance policy.

Online Students


Attendance is determined by participation in weekly learning activities. A student is reported absent for a week if there is no participation in course discussions or submission of assignments during that week. Under emergency circumstances, a student may be allowed one absence in courses that are four weeks or more in length. No absences are allowed in courses that are three weeks or shorter
in length.

Students exceeding the allowed absences will be given a withdrawal grade regardless of the circumstances. The only exception is for military reserve personnel fulfilling annual training requirements.


Students auditing courses are required to complete only the Short Application/Registration Form. Students auditing a course are taking the course for no credit, thus they do not earn a grade. Students are encouraged but not required to attend classes regularly and complete homework assignments.

Students may obtain their own textbooks or purchase textbooks through OCU via Tree of Life Bookstore. Because students auditing courses do not qualify for financial aid, they must make arrangements to pay auditing fees prior
to registration.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, age 60 and older, may attend (audit) classes at no tuition charge providing there is space available and the professor gives permission. Book and material costs and course fees are the responsibility of the individual auditing the course. Registration is not required; no grade or credit will be recorded.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Students not desiring a degree or certificate, but wanting to take courses for credit must complete the Short Application/Registration Form. Non-degree-seeking students may earn up to 12 semester hours. If a student desires to continue taking courses after having completed 12 semester hours, the normal admissions process must be completed.

Students registering for undergraduate level courses will be required to confirm only via the application that they have earned a high school diploma or GED. Students registering for graduate level courses will be required to supply a transcript showing a bachelor degree has been earned.

Non-degree seeking students do not qualify for financial aid and must make payment arrangements prior to registration.


Catalog requirements for policies and processes may change with each edition of the catalog. The applicable catalog is either the current catalog for policies and processes or the catalog existing at the time of the student’s enrolling or changing of a degree program for degree requirements. (Please refer to the Applicable Catalog table – opposite page.)