Online Courses

To increase access to education and meet the flexibility needs of busy adult learners, all courses and programs are offered through online delivery. Some courses and concentrations are available only online.

In online courses students complete their weekly learning activities (reading, discussions, assignments) in an asynchronous way (i.e., not necessarily at the same time as others). The timeline is similar to onsite courses. Each course contains a complete syllabus and learning activities for each week.

Within the Edvance360 learning management system, the navigation provides easy maneuvering through courses.  Communication is available in a variety of methods, including instant chat, email, and the threaded discussion experience similarly found in social media.  Students must use Microsoft Word for activities requiring a submission.  Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint are also required for some courses.  Communities are also provided for specialty areas, cohorts, and all of the online student body to have continuous resources made available. (