Ministry Skills Certificate

Certificate - AA Level

This certificate prepares individuals to exhibit skills for various ministries within today’s church and society.

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of the Ministry Skills Certificate, students should be able to assume a position of ministry in a
local church.


Associate Degree charge per credit hour.


A Ministry Skills Certificate will be printed on the transcript of those students who have successfully completed these 12 credits of Ministry courses with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in the designated courses.


Required Courses

CM1100 Survey of Children's Ministry 3 hours 5 weeks

A study of the nature and needs of childhood with special attention to nurturing and enriching the moral and spiritual development of the child. Students will gain skills in the practical application in planning the Church’s ministry to and for children.

CM1200 Survey of Youth Ministries 3 hours 5 weeks

This course will explore current trends in youth ministry found within the evangelical church and youth culture abroad, while giving special emphasis to practical tools and techniques that may be implemented to grow the youth ministry programs of a local church and beyond.

CM2020 Evangelism and Discipleship 1 3 hours 5 weeks

A study of evangelism, focusing on examples of effec­tive evangelism in the First Century, and applying those principles into an effective methodology for the Twenty- First Century, with special emphasis on the foundation of spiritual revival, prayer, building healthy relationships, and starting the convert on the journey of discipleship. 

CM1040 Principles of Worship 3 hours 5 weeks

Class instruction in scriptural principles and methods of worship, coupled with field experience exposing the student to varied worship styles, and are employed to equip the student to critically analyze worship practices.