Sponsored Pastoral Training (SPT)

  • Adults entering with completed home study credits, authenticated by their denomination or church leadership, and combined with active ministry experience, may receive one credit hour for each course completed.  SPT credit is used for general elective credit only.
  • In addition to transcripted course work, receipt of credit hinges upon the students’ participation in Christian Ministry on the following basis:for 0 year experience, the total number of credits accepted would not exceed 3for 1-3 years, the total number of credits would not exceed 12,for bachelors-level only, those with more than 3 years of experience the total number of credits would not exceed 24.
  • Classes for which SPT credit is given cannot be considered for PLA credit. Official denominational or church transcript for course work must be submitted directly from the organization to the University.
  • Students wishing to receive SPT credit must contact their Academic Advisor to apply and provide supporting documentation prior to start of second semester in program.
  • All SPT credit will be charged $50 per credit hour for evaluation and recording.
  • No more than 24 semester credit hours for bachelor-level may come from SPT.
  • SPT credit is not available toward graduate degrees.