Payment Plans

Financial aid will be applied directly to a student’s account charges. The student is responsible for paying the remaining portion of his or her bill. The Financial Aid or Business Office will accept the following forms of payment (which can also be found at

Payment with Credit/Debit Card, Check, Money Order, or Cash

Credit/Debit Card payments, whether one-time or recurring, can be made/arranged via the following link: .
Checks/Money Orders can be made out to “Ohio Christian University,” and delivered/mailed to the University’s Business or Financial Aid office.
Cash payments can be made in person to the University’s Business or Financial Aid office located on the main campus in Circleville, Ohio.

Employer Reimbursement

Students must provide the name of the employer, information verifying eligibility to receive reimbursement, and requirements for reimbursement. Invoice requests should be made via the following link:  .
The student is ultimately responsible to OCU for payment. Any issues between the student and their employer do not, in any way, alter this responsibility. Should a student fail to successfully make payments, the Financial Aid department will place a hold on the student’s account until payment is made in full. No grades, transcripts, or diploma will be released until payment is made in full.

Third Party Payment

Students who receive a scholarship from a third party, such as a church or scholarship fund, or payment by an agency, such as vocational rehabilitation or the military, must provide official documentation from the third party verifying the amount of the scholarship/payment per semester. This documentation should list any restrictions or additional requirements. Invoice requests can be made via the following link:

Tuition Deferment

Tuition Deferment can be used alone, or to complement the Employer Reimbursement payment option. To use this option, the Payment Plan Agreement must be completed and submitted to the University’s Financial Aid office prior to course registration. Additional instructions are located on the Agreement, which can be completed and submitted via the following link: