Book Refunds

Refunds will be made for textbooks on the
following conditions:

  1. The student has officially withdrawn from the course that uses the textbook(s) for which a refund is being requested, and
  2. The textbook(s) is returned to Tree of Life (1-888-392-2930) within two weeks from the course start date,
  3. No opened software will be refunded.
  4. No refunds on shipping and handling.

Financial Aid Refunds

Qualified students can receive a refund from their student accounts after the following three requirements have
been met:

  1. One course has been completed in the semester with a passing grade,
  2. Student continues to actively participate in registered courses (see Attendance Policy on p. 21), and
  3. Enough financial aid has been received to exceed the semester charges.

  Students should reasonably expect to receive a financial aid refund at the end of their second course, as long as all of the above requirements have been met. One absence will delay the processing of the    funds.

Ohio Christian University will comply with any state mandated refund policies that govern refunds for students matriculating within the state in question.  For a detailed listing of state-specific refund policies, please visit