Master of Arts in Ministry

Master of Arts

Ohio Christian University has developed its Master of Arts with a major in Ministry to enhance the ministry skills of pastors and lay leaders in the local church. The program will prepare students to serve even more effectively in the church and society, whether they are in paid or lay ministry.

The Master of Arts with a major in Ministry program consists of a core requirement (8 courses) and concentrations (Practical Theology or Pastoral Care and Counseling), each consisting of 4 courses. All courses contribute to the ability to enhance students’ ministry skills. All graduates of this program must be grounded in the Bible, theology, and historical thought and context of the church.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the graduate program a student should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a deep love for God by continually practicing spiritual disciplines.
  2. Analyze Christian theological thinking through the centuries and its effects on the church and culture and the effects of culture and church on Christian theological thinking.
  3. Conduct independent research and evaluation of biblical and theological literature and apply knowledge to enhance ministry practices.
  4. Analyze situations and choose the proper interventions to help others cope with crises. (Pastoral Care and Counseling)
  5. Demonstrate skills in church administration, preaching/teaching, handling sacraments and rituals, and care giving in the local church. (Practical Theology)
  6. Conduct research that leads to enhanced ministry practices.


34 Semester Credits Core Course List

MA5000 Ministry Essentials 3 hours 6 weeks

This course is an introductory course that will assist the learner in developing the basic skills necessary for success in graduate study.  The orientation course is an overview of Biblical studeies and theorlogy, while building awareness of calling, personal strengths, and graduate writing skills.

(This course is the prerequisite for the remaining courses in the MA program.)

MA5100 Pastoral Care Giver 3 hours 6 weeks

Undertakes the task of forming pastoral care givers who focus on the value of persons and their relationships, who know the history of pastoral care, the major therapeutic models, and the application of biblical principles to pastoral care and counseling, with the result that they can identify basic human problems and respond appropriately through pastoral care and counseling.

MA5200 Worship in the Church 3 hours 6 weeks

This course is an exploration of corporate Christian worship: the acts and expressions flowing from a biblical Christian understanding of who God is, and how he has chosen to relate with people, especially those he has redeemed. It is supplemented by a review of worship’s historical development, and incorporates application of these principles to planning for corporate expression of worship.

MA5300 New Testament History and Interpretation 3 hours 6 weeks

This course acquaints the students with the results of modern research on the New Testament. It will provide a study of the origin and nature of the New Testament canon with special attention being given to the relationship of the synoptic Gospels, the purpose and integrity of Acts, and the authorship and dates of the epistles.

MA5400 Old Testament History and Interpretation 3 hours 6 weeks

Acquaints the student with the results of modern research on the Old Testament. The literary approaches to the biblical material are studied, focusing primarily on the Pentateuch, Isaiah, Daniel, and the Psalms.

MA5500 History of Christian Thought 3 hours 6 weeks

Traces the development of the Church’s doctrines from the close of the Apostolic Age through the modern period. Emphasis is given to the development of the ecumenical creeds and to the distinctive doctrines of the Reformation. 

MA5600 Theology of John Wesley 3 hours 6 weeks

The course provides a fuller understanding of the Wesleyan theological heritage through its spiritual and ideological construction found at the inception of Methodism. This study is intended to offer a critical explanation and evaluation of the origins and development of Methodism’s richest resources, while encouraging its adequate communication in preaching, teaching, scholarship, and holy living.

MA6801 Ministry Capstone 1 hour 3 weeks

As the culmination of this program, students will integrate everything learned to create a Personal Credo and Philosophy of Ministry.

MA5400 Old Testament History and Interpretation
MA5500 History of Christian Thought
MA5600 Theology of John Wesley