Healthcare Management Concentration

Master of Business Administration

The healthcare management concentration prepares the healthcare professional as an informed and contributing agent in an informatics environment for senior-level management positions in all types of health care organizations.

Concentration Objective

Upon completion of this concentration, the student should be able to apply critical decision-making to the current issues and future trends facing local, state, and national healthcare.

Concentration Course List

HM6000 Modern Healthcare Industry 3 hours 6 weeks

This course evaluates the various sectors of healthcare and healthcare models. The course describes the relationship of the healthcare industry to current economic trends, health policy management, and the system of care provided by collaborative teams caring for the needs of individuals and populations.

HM6020 Healthcare Finance 3 hours 6 weeks

This course provides an opportunity for the student to synthesis their learned theory and concepts of healthcare revenue recovery in an accounts receivable environment. Students will apply the composition of revenue cycle principles with the integration of multiple payer classes along with the estimation of revenue from contracted payers, the challenges and trends of payer sources and the responsibility of the healthcare executive leading the supplier side of an accounts receivable dependent service line.

HM6010 Healthcare Legal and Regulatory Climates 3 hours 6 weeks

This course prepares the student with working knowledge of the foremost legal regulations impacting the multiple modes of modern healthcare delivery. The readings and assignments will focus on research and critique of the current legal and regulatory climate in healthcare. Specific attention will be given to debating the rationale and effectiveness of certain aspects of healthcare regulation and law.

HM6030 Trends in Healthcare 3 hours 6 weeks

This course expects the student to incorporate the aspects of a corporate compliance plan into a working case study. The student will demonstrate competency in the development and description of healthcare corporate responsibility concepts through the research and presenting of current and future trends in healthcare corporate compliance and the measurement of an effective corporate integrity program.