2015-2016 Traditional Program Academic Catalog

A Message from Our President​

OCU President Mark SmithDear Students:

Welcome to Ohio Christian University. You have chosen a great place to prepare yourself!

Ohio Christian University is an exciting place to experience the wonderful benefits of education. Whether you are a traditional learner, adult learner or online learner, OCU will provide you with an excellent education. We are now over 4000 students, and great things are happening.

As you review the pages of this catalog, you will find a wealth of knowledge that will guide your time of study at Ohio Christian University. You will also have the assistance of highly qualified faculty to advise you in your educational quest! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are loved and will be cared for in every way.

Ohio Christian University is a highly accredited institution dedicated to serving your needs! Our desire is that God will use you in the greatest way possible throughout life. You have chosen the right place!

Enjoy the OCU Experience,

Dr. Mark A. Smith