Christian Service Requirements

Christian Service is an integral part of the educational philosophy of Ohio Christian University. All students are required to engage in Christian Service during their enrollment at the University. An important part of Christian Service is to help students discover the diverse ways they can use their gifts and talents to benefit others in Christ’s name. Christian Service offers the opportunity for students to apply classroom instruction and theory to practical church and community experiences.

Students who are seeking a four-year degree from Ohio Christian University are required to fulfill five units of service. Students seeking a two-year degree from Ohio Christian University are required to fulfill three units of service. The first of these units will be fulfilled in a class, CS070 (Christian Service Seminar), which explains the rationale, policies and procedures for Christian Service at Ohio Christian University. The remaining four units will be administered as independent studies (CS071) and will be fulfilled as the students document their service experiences at host venues of service. The detailed syllabus for CS071 will serve as the student’s handbook for Christian Service.

The opportunities for service include, but are not limited to: churches, schools, correctional facilities, compassionate ministries and a variety of community organizations. Within the parameters set forth by the CS071 syllabus, students may create a venue of service in which these requirements can be fulfilled. The Christian Service Director and the Christian Service Secretary will assist students as they seek appropriate venues of service and will guide them in assessing their experiences.