Readmission Policy

Students who have been dismissed because of academic deficiency or misconduct may petition for readmission to the University no sooner than one semester following official notification of dismissal. Such petition will be reviewed by the Academic Committee of the University if the dismissal was for academic reasons or by the Student Life Committee if the dismissal was for social misconduct.

Readmission will be granted only upon a demonstration that the prior academic deficiency does not indicate a lack of the student’s ability to complete program requirements or that the circumstances that led to social misconduct have been corrected. Petitioners must submit all admission materials unless it is waived by the Provost or Vice President for Student Development. Petitioners shall be granted a personal appearance before the appropriate committee. A petitioner for readmission whose petition has been denied by either committee may request a hearing before the Administrative Council. The decision of the Administrative Council is final. Students who have not been enrolled in classes for a period of one year (other than academic deficiency or social misconduct) may re-enter the University by completing an Application for Readmission and submitting one Minister's Reference form.

Students who have not enrolled in classes for more than one year are required to complete all the requirements for initial admittance to the University as outlined above. These students may be required to repeat courses in which content has changed significantly.