BA in Children's Ministry

Bachelor of Arts

The Children's Ministry Program is designed to equip students who desire to be involved in the discipleship of children either in a local church or a parachurch organization.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a biblical philosophy of ministry to children including organization, administration, and staff development.
  • Develop both relational and methodological skills for effective ministry to children.
  • Create curriculum appropriate for the child’s spiritual, physical, social, and mental development.
  • Apply concepts of evangelism and family outreach that affirm the child’s role in the family.


CM204 Technology in the Church 2 hours

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the many different ways that information technology (IT) can be used to support individuals and groups in churches. The emphasis will be on IT for personal productivity, church communications, church operations, and enhancing worship.

Elective Math Elective 3 hours

Elective Science Elective with Lab 4 hours

LA101 English Composition I 3 hours

This course is an introductory study of composition emphasizing writing as a process (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing). Assignments in this course will focus on the different styles and uses of argument. Students will gain and refine skills of developing a thesis, organizing content, controlling tone, and expressing ideas in clearly communicated language. In addition, students will conduct library research and incorporate researched material into papers using APA format.

Offered every fall.

LA102 English Composition II 3 hours

This course is an intermediate course designed to extend and refine students’ expository and creative writing experiences. Student writing will reflect university-level writing skills, such as principles of logical/critical thinking and reasoning, effective organization, APA research and documentation, and content-rich development of ideas.

Offered every spring.

CM301 Preaching I 3 hours

A study of the fundamental principles of sermon delivery. Sermonic literature is studied for content, form and style.  Also includes a practicum component.

SP200 Basic Oral Communication

Offered annually.

PS100 Student Success 1 hour

Orientation is designed to help the student make adjustments to college life. The course acquaints the student with the library, counseling service, suggestions for study, and various aspects of college life.

Students who transfer to OCU may substitute any general education elective for this course when 30 hours or more of academic work has been completed at another college with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

Offered each semester.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours

Interrelationships and group activity are focused upon, including dyadic groups, primary groups, secondary groups, institutions, and society.

PS102 General Psychology 3 hours

A comprehensive survey of the field of psychology including a Christian perspective. Emphasis will be placed on theories of psychology and how you can apply what you have learned as a result of an appropriate understanding of a particular psychological foundation.

Offered each spring.

SO100 Worldviews 3 hours

This course introduces the concept of worldview and provides a survey of the plurality worldviews that constitute western culture. Special attention will be paid to the Christian worldview and how competing worldviews both challenge and reinforce it. This course is meant to help students build an internal paradigm through which they can evaluate the bases of value statements in society, pop culture, politics, and religion and to do so from a Christian perspective.

OT101 Old Testament Survey 3 hours

A survey and introduction to the Old Testament focusing on the historical, cultural, religious and geographical setting of the ancient Near East as it brings to light the faith of Israel expressed in the Old Testament. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL OTHER OLD TESTAMENT COURSES.

Offered annually.

NT102 New Testament Survey 3 hours

A general survey course in the New Testament. Special emphasis is on the historical background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity and the development of the apostolic church. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL OTHER NEW TESTAMENT COURSES.

Offered annually.

PH302 Ethics 3 hours

An introduction to Logic and Ethics with special attention given to methodologies whereby those disciplines may be applied in Christian ministry. Attention is given to induction and deduction, principles of clean statement and valid reasoning, and fallacies. The moral theories of various philosophical schools are examined and their relationship to the development of a biblical ethic is considered.

Offered every spring.

SS401 Church History I 3 hours

A study of the development of Christianity from its inception to the Great Schism of 1054. Special attention is given to leading characters and major turning points of history.

TH325 Biblical Foundations of Worship 2 hours

A biblical understanding of who God is, and how He has chosen to relate with people, especially those he has redeemed. The course will focus on implications for worship ministries in the local church.

RELIGION - 24 Credits

GB100 Bible Study Methods 2 hours

An introduction to the basic principles and methods of observation, interpretation, and application in the study of the Bible. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL BIBLE COURSES 200 AND ABOVE.

Offered annually.

MI100 Introduction to Christian Missions 3 hours

This course is designed to present the biblical and theological foundations upon which missions rests, provide an overview of missions history, promote an understanding of the world’s religions and prepare students to respond to God’s leading in their lives. Prerequisite of all 300 and 400 level MI courses.

Offered annually every semester.

NT202 Gospels 3 hours

Study of the synoptic relationship of the first three Gospels and the major themes and theological features of the fourth Gospel.

NT102 New Testament Survey
GB100 Bible Study Methods

Offered annually.

NT401 Romans 3 hours

An exegetical and expository study of this book with emphasis upon the doctrines of sin, salvation, and Christian ethics.

NT102 New Testament Survey
GB100 Bible Study Methods
Junior Standing

Offered annually.

NT405 Galatians 3 hours

An exegetical and expository study of Galatians with emphasis on special introduction. A contemporary application to the doctrines of sin, salvation and Christian ethics.

NT102 New Testament Survey
GB100 Bible Study Methods
Junior Standing

Offered on demand.

OT201 Pentateuch 3 hours

A study of the first five books of the Old Testament with special emphasis upon historical backgrounds, beginnings of the Israelite nation, and Hebrew worship. Primary attention is given to outlines, analysis, and exposition of especially important sections.

GB100 Bible Study Methods
OT101 Old Testament Survey

Offered annually.

TH401 Systematic Theology I 3 hours

The contemporary theological situation is considered. The significance and importance of Wesleyan theology are studied. The doctrines of theism, creation, sin, and divine revelation are emphasized.

SO100 Worldviews

Offered annually.

TH402 Systematic Theology II 3 hours

The deity of Christ and the personality and work of the Holy Spirit are emphasized. The doctrines of conversion, entire sanctification, and eschatology are considered.

SO100 Worldviews
TH401 Systematic Theology I

Offered annually.

TH407 Holiness Literature 2 hours

The historical development of the quest for holy living throughout Christian history giving particular attention to the eighteenth through the twentieth century.

TH201 Basic Christian Beliefs
TH401 Systematic Theology I
TH402 Systematic Theology II

Offered annually.

MAJOR - 54 Credits

CM402 Preaching II 3 hours

Actual preparation and delivery of sermons under observation and constructive criticism are stressed along with expository preaching.  Also includes a practicum component.

CM301 Preaching I
GB401 Biblical Hermeneutics

Offered annually.

GB401 Biblical Hermeneutics 3 hours

A study of the principles of biblical interpretation. An intensive examination of the presuppositions and practice of the Grammatical-Historical-Theological Hermeneutic. The application of this method to selected biblical texts as well as other systems of Jewish and Christian exegesis will be historically surveyed and evaluated.

GB100 Bible Study Methods
Junior Standing.

Offered alternate years.

GB201 Hermeneutics of the Old Testament 3 hours

Equips the student to perform accurate and relevant exegesis on the Old Testament through the use of study tools that assist in proper interpretation of the original text.

SS402 Church History II 3 hours

A study of the development of Christianity from the Great Schism of 1054 to the present.

PC201 Pastoral Counseling 3 hours

This course will seek to help the student understand the counseling needs of their congregation. Emphasis will be placed on learning models of pastoral counseling that will help the student appreciate spiritual, emotional, mental, and behavioral healthful change through biblical intervention.

Offered alternate years.

CM102 Introduction to Ministry 2 hours

This course provides an introduction to professional ministry as a life’s calling and vocation. It gives special attention to personal spiritual development, acquisition of personal ministry skills, understanding of the mission of the church, and appreciation of ministry as a profession. The course also addresses the meaning of calling, vocation, and profession from historical and contemporary perspectives, leading toward the development of the initial skills and attitudes toward becoming a professional minister.

CM102P Introduction to Ministry Observation 1 hour

Each student will be involved in observing practical ministry, shadowing a minister, and interviewing professional clergy in a local setting providing the student with a laboratory for the application of ministry principles taught in the corequisite course.

Corequisite: Introduction to Ministry

SO203 Marriage, Family, and Human Sexuality 3 hours

This course provides a survey of the basic family organization, from courtship through the adjustments of the family in the modern home. A Christian perspective will be emphasized, as the course deals with these relationships, as well as developing the full potential of our human sexuality.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology

Offered each fall.

GB202 Hermeneutics of the New Testament 3 hours

Equips the student to perform accurate and relevant exegesis on the New Testament through the use of study tools that assist in proper interpretation of the original text.

CM421 Ministry Methods 2 hours

Introduces students to the praxis elements of ministry: conducting effective meetings; understanding parliamentary procedures; resolving conflicts; and conducting weddings, funerals, and worship services.

CM421P Ministry Methods Practicum 1 hour

Each student will be involved in practical experiences in a local ministry setting providing the student with a laboratory for the application of principles taught in the corequisite course.

Corequisite: Ministry Methods

CM325 Leading and Growing a Church 2 hours

Examines strategies for helping the church multiply its ministries with the direct aim of replicating itself in order to widen and deepen the impact of the church in the community. Students will learn the principles of servant leadership, marketing, different church models, connecting with the community, problem solving, strategic planning, and managing change.

CM426 Church Finance & Administration 2 hours

An overview of the role of the pastor in organizing and managing the local church. Special attention will be given to issues of local church finances, human resources, and legal responsibilities. Students will also be equipped to manage their personal finances.

CM326 Church Communications and Culture 2 hours

Students will be equipped to evaluate and contextualize church culture speaking to the communities in which they reside. This will enable the student to communicate to the congregants while forging communications with the surrounding community. This course includes a formal study of communications both written and oral.

CE100 Introduction to Christian Education 3 hours

Christian education is surveyed and analyzed with a view to determining the biblical pattern, objectives, processes and methods suitable for ministry in the local church (or similar context). The course addresses the changing role of the Christian education worker in the church today, introduces the student to career options in this field, and provides a foundation for other courses in this program.

Offered every semester.

CH211 Teaching Children in the Church 3 hours

This course will provide foundations and practical strategies for teaching children in the church. Based on current research and models of effective teaching, students will design lessons and engage in practice teaching under the supervision of the professor. Critiques and suggestions for improvement will be provided by the professor and by fellow students.

Offered alternate years.

CH314 Child Evangelism 3 hours

This course will explore the spiritual journey of children, the appropriate methods of bringing a child to faith, and actual exposure to child evangelism.

Offered alternate years.

CH413 Christian Education in the Family 3 hours

A study of the relationship of the church and the home in the joint enterprise of strengthening the family, nurturing children and bringing them to mature Christian discipleship. Attention is given to current problems facing the family and to strategies that Christian parents and Christian educators can employ in an attempt to resolve these issues.

Offered alternate years.

CH444 Leading a Children’s Ministry in a Local Church 3 hours

In this capstone course, the student will explore how those involved in children’s ministry may affect change in the lives of children and in the local church as a whole. The student will learn how to plan, organize and lead an effective children’s ministry. Instruction will be given regarding leadership and service on boards and committees, relationships with children, parents, peers and supervisors, and the recruiting and training of lay volunteers.

Offered alternate years.

PS213 Child Development 3 hours

Child development is viewed as a dynamic, challenging, complex and multifaceted area of inquiry. Understanding of the early years of psychological development supports and guides professional practice in numerous fields relating to children. Examination is made of developmental theory and research from pre-birth to the end of childhood, as well as the topics of emotional, language and cognitive development, family and environmental influences, relationships and gender roles and more. Learners will have opportunity to consider application of course content to current and future professional roles.

PS102 General Psychology

Offered spring, odd years.

CH490 Children’s Ministry Internship 3 hours

The Ministry of Children major will culminate with an internship intended to provide an opportunity to apply Children’s Ministry principles in an actual setting.

Offered on demand.