Language Arts/Social Studies Combined Concentration

Bachelor of Arts


NOTE: SS205 US History I covers the general education history elective.

EC101 Microeconomics 3 hours

A study of the basic economic principles related to supply and demand, consumer behavior, market dynamics, income distribution, government influence, and comparative economic systems with major focus on free enterprise and capitalism.

LA351 Literature for Adolescents 3 hours

This course is designed to expose students to quality adolescent literature. Particular emphasis is given to examination of current issues, including censorship, multiculturalism, various approaches to reading, the relation of adolescent literature to classic literature, and the integration of adolescent literature into thematic units.

Offered fall, odd years.

SS205 United States History I: 1492 – 1877 3 hours

A survey of the religious, political, and cultural development of the people of the United States from colonization through Reconstruction.  Special emphasis will be given to the Founding Fathers and the influence of a Christian Worldview upon the development of the nation.

SS428 American Political Institutions I 3 hours

This course provides an introduction to American politics with emphasis on national institutions. Course topics include the political theory of the American Constitution, relational aspects of the three branches of government, responsibilities of state and federal governments, and the role of the courts in interpreting the law.

GOV101 Introduction to Government
SS205 United States History I: 1492 – 1877
SS206 United States History II: 1877-Present
MG411 Business Law I
POL201 Introduction to Political Science
SS429 American Political Institutions II