Language Arts/Science Combined Concentration

Bachelor of Arts


NOTE: SI130 Physical Science covers the general education science elective.

LA351 Literature for Adolescents 3 credits

This course is designed to expose students to quality adolescent literature. Particular emphasis is given to examination of current issues, including censorship, multiculturalism, various approaches to reading, the relation of adolescent literature to classic literature, and the integration of adolescent literature into thematic units.

Offered fall, odd years.

SI105 Earth Science 4 credits

A survey of geology and oceanography. Special emphasis is given to the natural environment, its forces, and physical phenomena seen on the planet. A weekly laboratory activity is designed to enhance the understanding of course material. (Lab fee)

Recommended completion of high school biology or chemistry.

SI160 General Chemistry 4 credits

An introduction into the basic concepts of chemistry including the scientific method, metric system, structure of atoms, the periodic table, chemical bonds, mole concept, chemical calculations, states of matter, gas laws, solutions, acids, bases and salts, oxidation/reduction reactions, reaction rates, chemical equilibrium, nuclear, organic and biological chemistry. The course includes a weekly virtual chemistry laboratory. (Lab fee).

SI131 Intermediate Algebra
Recommended completion of high school algebra or chemistry with a grade of C or above.