BA in Middle Childhood Education (Grades 4-9)

Bachelor of Arts

The student must declare two of the following four specific concentrations: English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. A list of requirements for each combination is provided below.


NOTE: Some General Education mathematics, science, and humanities electives are satisfied with program concentration courses in those disciplines.

LA101 English Composition I 3 credits

This course is an introductory study of composition emphasizing writing as a process (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing). Assignments in this course will focus on the different styles and uses of argument. Students will gain and refine skills of developing a thesis, organizing content, controlling tone, and expressing ideas in clearly communicated language. In addition, students will conduct library research and incorporate researched material into papers using APA format.

Offered every fall.

LA102 English Composition II 3 credits

This course is an intermediate course designed to extend and refine students’ expository and creative writing experiences. Student writing will reflect university-level writing skills, such as principles of logical/critical thinking and reasoning, effective organization, APA research and documentation, and content-rich development of ideas.

Offered every spring.

SP200 Basic Oral Communication 3 credits

The principles of speech composition, outlining, and delivery are discussed. There is practice in preparing and presenting short informative, persuasive, and demonstrative speeches.

Offered every semester.

OT101 Old Testament Survey 3 credits

A survey and introduction to the Old Testament focusing on the historical, cultural, religious and geographical setting of the ancient Near East as it brings to light the faith of Israel expressed in the Old Testament. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL OTHER OLD TESTAMENT COURSES.

Offered annually.

NT102 New Testament Survey 3 credits

A general survey course in the New Testament. Special emphasis is on the historical background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity and the development of the apostolic church. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL OTHER NEW TESTAMENT COURSES.

Offered annually.

SO100 Worldviews 3 credits

This course introduces the concept of worldview and provides a survey of the plurality worldviews that constitute western culture. Special attention will be paid to the Christian worldview and how competing worldviews both challenge and reinforce it. This course is meant to help students build an internal paradigm through which they can evaluate the bases of value statements in society, pop culture, politics, and religion and to do so from a Christian perspective.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology 3 credits

Interrelationships and group activity are focused upon, including dyadic groups, primary groups, secondary groups, institutions, and society.

PS100 Student Success 1 credit

Orientation is designed to help the student make adjustments to college life. The course acquaints the student with the library, counseling service, suggestions for study, and various aspects of college life.

Students who transfer to OCU may substitute any general education elective for this course when 30 hours or more of academic work has been completed at another college with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

Offered each semester.

PS246 Adolescent Development 3 credits

The course examines the significant developmental issues that adolescents face and provides the potential professional with an overview of numerous topics in human development that will enhance their understanding and provide application opportunities. Examination will be made of developmental theory regarding physical changes, cognitive development, identity, and gender and sexual concepts and cultural influence as well as moral development.

Offered spring, even years.

TE147 Educational Technology 2 credits

This course is a study of the various technologies available for classroom use and their adaptation to the promotion of learning. Students will learn both the potential and the limitations of computers as tools for teachers.

Offered every semester.

LA211 Children’s Literature 3 credits

This course focuses on identification of materials suitable for children’s reading. A thorough study of Genre is an important component of this class, as well as the study of quality authors and illustrators of children’s literature.

Offered every fall.

SI102 Introduction to Mathematical Systems 3 credits

The course includes a study of several numeration systems: sets, probability, statistics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry (with applications).

ACT (or ACT equivalent) math score of 17 or higher.

Offered every spring.

Elective History Elective 3 credits

RELIGION - 18 Credits

GB100 Bible Study Methods 2 credits

An introduction to the basic principles and methods of observation, interpretation, and application in the study of the Bible. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL BIBLE COURSES 200 AND ABOVE.

Offered annually.

CM202 Personal Evangelism 2 credits

Class instruction in scriptural principles and methods in personal witnessing coupled with field experiences in soul winning is employed to equip the student to proclaim Christ on a person-to-person basis.

Offered annually.

MI100 Introduction to Christian Missions 3 credits

This course is designed to present the biblical and theological foundations upon which missions rests, provide an overview of missions history, promote an understanding of the world’s religions and prepare students to respond to God’s leading in their lives. Prerequisite of all 300 and 400 level MI courses.

Offered annually every semester.

NT202 Gospels 3 credits

Study of the synoptic relationship of the first three Gospels and the major themes and theological features of the fourth Gospel.

NT102 New Testament Survey
GB100 Bible Study Methods

Offered annually.

OT201 Pentateuch 3 credits

A study of the first five books of the Old Testament with special emphasis upon historical backgrounds, beginnings of the Israelite nation, and Hebrew worship. Primary attention is given to outlines, analysis, and exposition of especially important sections.

GB100 Bible Study Methods
OT101 Old Testament Survey

Offered annually.

TH201 Basic Christian Beliefs 3 credits

A basic course in Bible doctrine with emphasis upon the Scriptural foundations. Includes a study of such doctrines as Man, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, The Holy Life, the Ordinances, and Last Things.

SO100 Worldviews

Offered annually.

MAJOR - 29 Credits

TE100 Integrated Studies for Teachers 1 credit

This course provides opportunities for deductive thinking in the areas of reading, writing and math. The course will aid in understanding the Praxis I test format. Appropriate ACT scores may be substituted. (Lab fee)

Offered every semester.

TE313 Educational Psychology 3 credits

This course explores the psychological perspectives of education and applies them to classroom procedures. It provides critical help and preparation for Ohio Assessments for Educators dealing with principles of learning and teaching. (Lab fee).

TE203 Study in the Foundations of Teaching
and Junior Standing

Offered every spring.

TE423 Teaching the Exceptional Child 3 credits

The study of students with exceptional attributes from giftedness to those with behavioral difficulties, and/or developmental delays; the study of English language learners is also included.

TE203 Study in the Foundations of Teaching

Offered every fall.

TE498 Education Capstone 1 credit

A one hour per week seminar which accompanies TE 499 Student Teaching and which must be taken the same semester. 
During this seminar student teachers 1) will be provided with materials to support their upcoming Ohio Assessments for Educators licensure requirements, and 2) will have opportunity to discuss and ask questions regarding the ongoing progress of their student teaching experience.

TE499 Clinical Experience 12 credits

This culminating field experience provides teacher candidates a full semester (75 days minimum) of classroom experience with a gradual assumption of responsibility across the semester. Teacher candidates must apply to student teach and successfully complete a reflective essay to participate in this last gateway to the profession. Students may take no other courses during this experience with the exception of the traditional exit course, Theology Capstone.

Completion of TE program requirements.

Offered on demand.


TE326 Reading/Language Arts Methods for Middle Childhood 3 credits

This course is designed to promote understanding of literacy development for middle grade learners. Focus of the course includes knowledge of the learner as well as reading-writing process, knowledge of instructional strategies, instructional decision making, instructional materials and environments for literacy learning. A field component of 2 hours twice per week is required. (A field component of 1 hour twice per week for ten weeks is required for students in the 4th/5th Generalist Endorsement).

TE214 Math Methods for Middle Childhood with Field Experience

Offered every fall.

TE335 Teaching Reading with Literature for Middle Childhood 3 credits

This course provides an understanding of the selection and instruction of literature for the middle childhood student for the purpose of fostering a lifelong love of reading. The Literature Circle provides a setting for collaborating with others to develop reading comprehension strategies, think critically, appreciate the aesthetic qualities of literature, develop communication skills, and extend writing skills. A field component of 2 hours twice per week is required. (A field component of 1 hour twice per week for ten weeks is required for students in the 4th/5th Generalist Endorsement).

TE326 Reading/Language Arts Methods for Middle Childhood

Offered every spring.