BA in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts

The Psychology program is designed to guide the discovery of the student’s unique giftedness as it relates to his/her vocational call. While providing a foundational grasp of human behavior and mental processes, special attention will be given to how faith and theory translates into application as students consider graduate school options, entry level employment or ministry in related areas. Each course in the curriculum is intended to scaffold (build, construct) the learning experience toward a capstone in­ternship that will measure the ability of the student to apply concepts in a professional environment. Options open to graduates include the following:

  • Apprenticeships/entry level work (i.e., juvenile court/corrections, half-way house groups, social services, shelter for abused groups, treatment and counseling centers, other human services settings, etc.)
  • Graduate work at the seminary level
  • Graduate work at the University level

Additional education and supervised work may be required for certification and/or licensing, depending on state/institutional requirements.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Articulate a basic understanding of the principles of human development and behavior.
  • Understand contemporary psychological theory.
  • Attain a basic knowledge of psychological research methodology.
  • Integrate the connection between the Bible and psycho­logical principle into a model applicable to the student’s professional context.

Students pursuing the degree in Psychology must also choose one of the following listed concentrations and complete all required courses in the chosen concentration:

  • General Psychology Concentration

  • Pre-Counseling Concentration

  • Research Concentration


Elective Math Elective 3 hours

SI134 Human Biology 4 hours

This course includes a brief review of ecology, biological chemistry, cellular structure and function, structure and physiological function of body systems, reproduction and development, genetics and disease. A weekly laboratory activity is designed to enhance the understanding of course material. This course is designed to meet the General Education requirement for science. (Lab fee)

Recommended completion of high school biology.

PS207 Statistics for the Social Sciences 3 hours

This course is an introduction to statistics used in the behavioral sciences and in everyday life. Emphasis will be given to both conceptual and mathematical understanding of statistics. Descriptive and inferential statistics will be explored through simple statistical computations to more complex analysis. Students will be guided to be consumers of statistics by critically analyzing statistical findings.

Offered every fall semester.

LA101 English Composition I 3 hours

This course is an introductory study of composition emphasizing writing as a process (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing). Assignments in this course will focus on the different styles and uses of argument. Students will gain and refine skills of developing a thesis, organizing content, controlling tone, and expressing ideas in clearly communicated language. In addition, students will conduct library research and incorporate researched material into papers using APA format.

Offered every fall.

LA102 English Composition II 3 hours

This course is an intermediate course designed to extend and refine students’ expository and creative writing experiences. Student writing will reflect university-level writing skills, such as principles of logical/critical thinking and reasoning, effective organization, APA research and documentation, and content-rich development of ideas.

Offered every spring.

SP200 Basic Oral Communication 3 hours

The principles of speech composition, outlining, and delivery are discussed. There is practice in preparing and presenting short informative, persuasive, and demonstrative speeches.

Offered every semester.

PS100 Student Success 1 hour

Orientation is designed to help the student make adjustments to college life. The course acquaints the student with the library, counseling service, suggestions for study, and various aspects of college life.

Students who transfer to OCU may substitute any general education elective for this course when 30 hours or more of academic work has been completed at another college with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

Offered each semester.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology 3 hours

Interrelationships and group activity are focused upon, including dyadic groups, primary groups, secondary groups, institutions, and society.

PS102 General Psychology 3 hours

A comprehensive survey of the field of psychology including a Christian perspective. Emphasis will be placed on theories of psychology and how you can apply what you have learned as a result of an appropriate understanding of a particular psychological foundation.

Offered each spring.

SO100 Worldviews 3 hours

This course introduces the concept of worldview and provides a survey of the plurality worldviews that constitute western culture. Special attention will be paid to the Christian worldview and how competing worldviews both challenge and reinforce it. This course is meant to help students build an internal paradigm through which they can evaluate the bases of value statements in society, pop culture, politics, and religion and to do so from a Christian perspective.

OT101 Old Testament Survey 3 hours

A survey and introduction to the Old Testament focusing on the historical, cultural, religious and geographical setting of the ancient Near East as it brings to light the faith of Israel expressed in the Old Testament. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL OTHER OLD TESTAMENT COURSES.

Offered annually.

NT102 New Testament Survey 3 hours

A general survey course in the New Testament. Special emphasis is on the historical background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity and the development of the apostolic church. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL OTHER NEW TESTAMENT COURSES.

Offered annually.


Students must complete 8 hours via 3 of the following courses/categories: Fine Arts Elective, History or Government Elective, Literature Elective, Philosophy/Ethics Elective

RELIGION - 18 Credits

GB100 Bible Study Methods 2 hours

An introduction to the basic principles and methods of observation, interpretation, and application in the study of the Bible. A PREREQUISITE FOR ALL BIBLE COURSES 200 AND ABOVE.

Offered annually.

CM202 Personal Evangelism 2 hours

Class instruction in scriptural principles and methods in personal witnessing coupled with field experiences in soul winning is employed to equip the student to proclaim Christ on a person-to-person basis.

Offered annually.

MI100 Introduction to Christian Missions 3 hours

This course is designed to present the biblical and theological foundations upon which missions rests, provide an overview of missions history, promote an understanding of the world’s religions and prepare students to respond to God’s leading in their lives. Prerequisite of all 300 and 400 level MI courses.

Offered annually every semester.

NT202 Gospels 3 hours

Study of the synoptic relationship of the first three Gospels and the major themes and theological features of the fourth Gospel.

NT102 New Testament Survey
GB100 Bible Study Methods

Offered annually.

OT201 Pentateuch 3 hours

A study of the first five books of the Old Testament with special emphasis upon historical backgrounds, beginnings of the Israelite nation, and Hebrew worship. Primary attention is given to outlines, analysis, and exposition of especially important sections.

GB100 Bible Study Methods
OT101 Old Testament Survey

Offered annually.

TH201 Basic Christian Beliefs 3 hours

A basic course in Bible doctrine with emphasis upon the Scriptural foundations. Includes a study of such doctrines as Man, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, The Holy Life, the Ordinances, and Last Things.

SO100 Worldviews

Offered annually.


Students must complete nine (9) hours of General Electives to fulfill the requirements for this program.


PS114 Personal Awareness 3 hours

This course will strive to confront the aspiring counseling student with a way to measure personality preferences and temperament styles (among other constructs). It is hoped the gift of self-awareness, proposed as a prerequisite for efficient counseling skills, will emerge in the process. Use will be made of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis plus several other instruments to attempt to document a student profile.  Additionally, this course will provide the student exposure and insights to the field of psychology and its various entities and career possibilities.

Offered spring, odd years.

PS306 Psychology of Leadership 3 hours

This course examines the psychological and social processes that characterize effective leadership. The class will explore biblical leadership models and current leadership concepts and theories. Students will understand the positive and negative characteristics of leadership and the psychological principles of followership. The personal leadership and followership style of the individual student will be examined.

PS202 Life Span Psychology 3 hours

A holistic study of the individual in the total span of life from birth through senior adulthood. This course is designed to provide a foundation for understanding human personality. It describes the process of human growth and development, studies the needs in the major life states, and integrates the biblical perspective of human personality and development.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology

Offered each spring.

PS311 Personality Theories 3 hours

This course of study will attempt to thoroughly expose the student to the full scope of viewpoints about personality development. The goal in mind will be to see how best to analyze the dynamics of personality and how this can then be applied in the therapeutic process of counseling.

PS102 General Psychology

Offered fall, odd years.

PS413 Abnormal Psychology 3 hours

Students explore abnormal behavior from various theoretical perspectives. Included is the analysis of causation of behavioral abnormality and methods of therapy.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology
PS311 Personality Theories

Offered fall, odd years.

PS323 Social Psychology 3 hours

An intensive look at social group influences on individual behavior. Behavioral expressions such as aggression, prejudice, attitude changes, and affiliation are studied from the viewpoints of social science and Scripture.

PS102 General Psychology
SO101 Introduction to Sociology

Offered fall, even years.

PS231 Integration of Faith and Psychology 3 hours

Traditional and contemporary theories of psychology are examined and evaluated through the window of the biblical worldview. The connection between the discipline of psychological science and the discipline of Christian theology is examined.

PS302 Research Design 3 hours

This course represents an overview of research design. It will explain the different methods of research used in the social sciences, the appropriateness of conclusions derived from research, and the ability to generalize research appropriately based on particular research methods. In this course, students will also design and conduct basic research and disseminate the research to their peers.

SI141 Statistics & Analysis
Equivalent Course

Offered every spring semester.

PS245 Principles of Behavior 3 hours

A concentrated look at the behavioral approach to counseling and human development. This course provides practical knowledge and experience with a critique from the Christian viewpoint.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology

Offered every other Fall

PS495 Practicum in Psychology 3 hours

This course is a capstone culmination of all previous courses by giving the student opportunity to learn in a supervised field experience. The process will include seminars, small group experiences, research papers, written verbatim work and lectures by professional resource persons. The settings may include, but not be limited to, prisons, mental health clinics, mental hospitals, general hospitals, and community and church related counseling centers.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology
PS114 Personal Awareness
PS201 Principles of Counseling
PS202 Life Span Psychology
PS225 Diversity Issues in Psychology
PS311 Personality Theories
PS321 Childhood Problems
PS346 Introduction to Group Dynamics
PS404 Issues in Counseling
Approval of the Psychology Department Chair

Offered by arrangement.