BA in Worship Leadership & Psychology

Bachelor of Arts

This dual major in Worship Leadership and Psychology is designed to prepare students for a calling in worship ministry, and to enable them to enter a graduate school counseling program where they can receive credentials toward a helping profession of counseling ministry, serving those inside and outside the Church. Many opportunities for worship ministry are part time, requiring the worship leader to either serve a church in a dual capacity or find full time employment in another profession. Many students with musical gifts and a heart for ministry have interest in the helping professions as well.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate musical abilities requisite for worship ministry.
  • Plan and lead biblically rooted, edifying worship ministry.
  • Apply and integrate relevant psychological theories to various life and vocational settings and educational environments.



PS207 Statistics for the Social Sciences 3 credits

This course is an introduction to statistics used in the behavioral sciences and in everyday life. Emphasis will be given to both conceptual and mathematical understanding of statistics. Descriptive and inferential statistics will be explored through simple statistical computations to more complex analysis. Students will be guided to be consumers of statistics by critically analyzing statistical findings.

Offered every fall semester.

LA101 English Composition I 3 credits

This course is an introductory study of composition emphasizing writing as a process (prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing). Assignments in this course will focus on the different styles and uses of argument. Students will gain and refine skills of developing a thesis, organizing content, controlling tone, and expressing ideas in clearly communicated language. In addition, students will conduct library research and incorporate researched material into papers using APA format.

Offered every fall.

PS100 Student Success 1 credit

Orientation is designed to help the student make adjustments to college life. The course acquaints the student with the library, counseling service, suggestions for study, and various aspects of college life.

Students who transfer to OCU may substitute any general education elective for this course when 30 hours or more of academic work has been completed at another college with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above.

Offered each semester.

PH301 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits

An overview of philosophical vocabulary and concepts followed by a historical survey of the development of western philosophy. The course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the main currents in western thought and how those currents are related.

Offered every fall.

SS401 Church History I 3 credits

A study of the development of Christianity from its inception to the Great Schism of 1054. Special attention is given to leading characters and major turning points of history.

RELIGION - 18 Credits

CM202 Personal Evangelism 2 credits

Class instruction in scriptural principles and methods in personal witnessing coupled with field experiences in soul winning is employed to equip the student to proclaim Christ on a person-to-person basis.

Offered annually.

TH201 Basic Christian Beliefs 3 credits

A basic course in Bible doctrine with emphasis upon the Scriptural foundations. Includes a study of such doctrines as Man, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Church, The Holy Life, the Ordinances, and Last Things.

SO100 Worldviews

Offered annually.

MI100 Introduction to Christian Missions 3 credits

This course is designed to present the biblical and theological foundations upon which missions rests, provide an overview of missions history, promote an understanding of the world’s religions and prepare students to respond to God’s leading in their lives. Prerequisite of all 300 and 400 level MI courses.

Offered annually every semester.


PS202 Life Span Psychology 3 credits

A holistic study of the individual in the total span of life from birth through senior adulthood. This course is designed to provide a foundation for understanding human personality. It describes the process of human growth and development, studies the needs in the major life states, and integrates the biblical perspective of human personality and development.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology

Offered each spring.

PS302 Research Design 3 credits

This course represents an overview of research design. It will explain the different methods of research used in the social sciences, the appropriateness of conclusions derived from research, and the ability to generalize research appropriately based on particular research methods. In this course, students will also design and conduct basic research and disseminate the research to their peers.

SI141 Statistics & Analysis
Equivalent Course

Offered every spring semester.

PS311 Personality Theories 3 credits

This course of study will attempt to thoroughly expose the student to the full scope of viewpoints about personality development. The goal in mind will be to see how best to analyze the dynamics of personality and how this can then be applied in the therapeutic process of counseling.

PS102 General Psychology

Offered fall, odd years.

PS323 Social Psychology 3 credits

An intensive look at social group influences on individual behavior. Behavioral expressions such as aggression, prejudice, attitude changes, and affiliation are studied from the viewpoints of social science and Scripture.

PS102 General Psychology
SO101 Introduction to Sociology

Offered fall, even years.

PS413 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits

Students explore abnormal behavior from various theoretical perspectives. Included is the analysis of causation of behavioral abnormality and methods of therapy.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology
PS311 Personality Theories

Offered fall, odd years.

PS346 Introduction to Group Dynamics 3 credits

A study of small group construction, application, and research. The course utilizes group observation and analysis, and introduces skills in conducting small groups.

PS102 General Psychology
PS323 Social Psychology

Offered spring, even years.


MU103 Music Theory I 3 credits

This course will include studies in triad structure, inversions, voice leading, phrase structure, harmonic progressions, harmonization techniques, and non-harmonic tones.

MU102 Music Fundamentals
Successful completion of a fundamentals proficiency test or consent of instructor.

Offered every fall.

MU104 Music Theory II 3 credits

A continuation of Theory I with emphasis on four-part writing for choral groups.

MU103 Music Theory I

Offered every spring.

WL102 Introduction to Worship Leadership 1 credit

Introductory survey of worship ministry. Topics include the calling of a worship leader; current leadership and ministry practices; an introduction to worship planning; and survey of biblical and historical foundations of worship, overview of the OCU Worship Leadership program, including typical career opportunities.

WL205 Music Literature for Worship 3 credits

A survey of music literature for use in ministry, including music for congregation and church ensembles. Includes a survey of the historical development of congregational song, and music expressions of worship from world cultures. Focuses on sources for acquiring worship resources.

WL310 Planning and Leading Worship 2 credits

Methods for preparing and leading worship. Topics include personal spiritual preparation, guidance of the Holy Spirit, use of resources with emphasis on the use of Scripture, selection of worship materials, engagement with the Christian Year, discipleship and pastoral care through worship, and carrying out the planned services and events.

WL205 Music Literature for Worship
TH325 Biblical Foundations of Worship

PS306 Psychology of Leadership 3 credits

This course examines the psychological and social processes that characterize effective leadership. The class will explore biblical leadership models and current leadership concepts and theories. Students will understand the positive and negative characteristics of leadership and the psychological principles of followership. The personal leadership and followership style of the individual student will be examined.

Worship Leadership Forum

Worship Leadership is required each semester.

WL100 Worship Leadership Forum 0 credits

Professional association for Worship Leadership students. Includes student leadership development, community engagement, and participation in professional enrichment opportunities provided by OCU and others.

Applied Studies

Six (6) credits of applied studies are required. This requirement must be completed through MU171 Applied Voice I, MU191 Applied Piano I, Applied Instrument(s), such as guitar, trumpet, clarinet, etc., and must include at least 1 hour of MU135 Worship Keyboard OR MU165 Worship Guitar.


Four (4) credits of ensemble are required. Two (2) of these credits must be completed through MU109 OCU Chorale. The remaining two (2) credits can be completed through MU109 OCU Chorale, MU140 University Band, or small ensembles (such as MU119 Chamber Singers or MU145 Chamber Ensemble).

Worship Leader Internship

Two (2) credits of Worship Leader Internship are required.