Children's Ministry Minor - 21 Credits

Bachelor of Arts

CE100 Introduction to Christian Education 3 hours

Christian education is surveyed and analyzed with a view to determining the biblical pattern, objectives, processes and methods suitable for ministry in the local church (or similar context). The course addresses the changing role of the Christian education worker in the church today, introduces the student to career options in this field, and provides a foundation for other courses in this program.

Offered every semester.

CH211 Teaching Children in the Church 3 hours

This course will provide foundations and practical strategies for teaching children in the church. Based on current research and models of effective teaching, students will design lessons and engage in practice teaching under the supervision of the professor. Critiques and suggestions for improvement will be provided by the professor and by fellow students.

Offered alternate years.

CH314 Child Evangelism 3 hours

This course will explore the spiritual journey of children, the appropriate methods of bringing a child to faith, and actual exposure to child evangelism.

Offered alternate years.

CH413 Christian Education in the Family 3 hours

A study of the relationship of the church and the home in the joint enterprise of strengthening the family, nurturing children and bringing them to mature Christian discipleship. Attention is given to current problems facing the family and to strategies that Christian parents and Christian educators can employ in an attempt to resolve these issues.

Offered alternate years.

CH444 Leading a Children’s Ministry in a Local Church 3 hours

In this capstone course, the student will explore how those involved in children’s ministry may affect change in the lives of children and in the local church as a whole. The student will learn how to plan, organize and lead an effective children’s ministry. Instruction will be given regarding leadership and service on boards and committees, relationships with children, parents, peers and supervisors, and the recruiting and training of lay volunteers.

Offered alternate years.

PS213 Child Development 3 hours

Child development is viewed as a dynamic, challenging, complex and multifaceted area of inquiry. Understanding of the early years of psychological development supports and guides professional practice in numerous fields relating to children. Examination is made of developmental theory and research from pre-birth to the end of childhood, as well as the topics of emotional, language and cognitive development, family and environmental influences, relationships and gender roles and more. Learners will have opportunity to consider application of course content to current and future professional roles.

PS102 General Psychology

Offered spring, odd years.

CH490 Children’s Ministry Internship 3 hours

The Ministry of Children major will culminate with an internship intended to provide an opportunity to apply Children’s Ministry principles in an actual setting.

Offered on demand.