Criminal Justice Minor - 21 credits

Bachelor of Arts

CJ101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 hours

This course gives an overview of fundamental concepts related to the criminal justice system: law enforcement, prosecution, courts, corrections, and security. It includes views from psychology, sociology, and criminology, as well as a Christian and biblical worldview. Students will be encouraged to develop their own personalized view of criminology and introduced to restorative justice.

CJ201 Law Enforcement 3 hours

This course provides an introduction to the development and organizational designs of America's law enforcement organizations. The role, behavior, and life of the officer within the contexts of law enforcement culture and society will be discussed.

CJ251 Terrorism and Homeland Security 3 hours

This course provides a study of issues surrounding terrorism and the preventative and responsive nature of the Department of Homeland Security. Threats from domestic and international terrorism will be examined as well as the role of government, organizations, and citizens.

CJ304 Conflict Resolution 3 hours

This course provides a foundation to analyze conflict and engage with the appropriate methodology to work toward resolution. Students will learn effective methods of communication in employing conflict resolution, negotiation, and mediation practices and skills.

CJ311 Victimology 3 hours

This course studies the role of the victim and the relationship between victims and offenders in criminology. The historic and current treatment of victims will be discussed as well as the problems and dilemmas faced by victims. Students will engage in the concept of theodicy for their personal understanding and communication with victims.

CJ312 Criminal Law 3 hours

This course provides a study of the fundamental principles and practices of law and how it impacts criminal justice. This course emphasizes the dynamic interaction among the individual, criminal justice, and society. The concepts of Christian ethics and proper conduct will be emphasized throughout the course.

CJ321 Administration of Justice 3 hours

This course provides a study of organizational theory and managerial principles which will be examined in their application to the administration of justice in the appropriate settings. Typical command level problems will be investigated as well as trends in criminal justice organizations.