Music Minor - 21 Credits

Bachelor of Arts

This minor is for students who are interested in expanding their understanding of music through study in music theory, music history, applied studies, and participation in ensembles. A limited number of music electives are also required.


NOTE: Students who pass the Theory Placement Test will be required to take MU203 Music Theory III instead of MU102 Music Fundamentals.

MU103 Music Theory I 3 credits

This course will include studies in triad structure, inversions, voice leading, phrase structure, harmonic progressions, harmonization techniques, and non-harmonic tones.

MU102 Music Fundamentals
Successful completion of a fundamentals proficiency test or consent of instructor.

Offered every fall.

MU105 Sight-Singing and Ear Training I 1 credit

Study and practice to develop the skill of accurately sight-reading melodies through the solfege system and melodic dictation.

MU102 Music Fundamentals
Successful completion of a fundamentals proficiency test.

Offered every fall.

Music History Courses

Students must complete three (3) hours from the following:

MU331 Survey of Music History I 3 credits

A detailed study of Western art music from Antiquity through the Renaissance Era.

Music Major.

Offered fall, even years.

MU332 Survey of Music History II 3 credits

A detailed study of Western art music in the Baroque and Classical Eras.

MU331 Survey of Music History I

Offered spring, odd years.


Students are required to complete four (4) of the following:


Students must complete four (4) credits from the following courses:

MU119 Chamber Singers 1 credit

The OCU Chamber Singers is a select group of singers, and is open to all students with the completion of a successful audition. Students will focus on chamber music from a diverse body of repertoire, and will focus particularly on a capella singing. This course will focus on proper breathing, choral tone, diction, and overall musicianship. Some travel is required of the members of this ensemble. (Repeatable)

Offered every semester.

MU145 Chamber Ensemble 1 credit

The Chamber Ensemble will explore the chamber music literature from various combinations of instruments. This ensemble emphasizes a high level of artistry and musicianship. Admission into the ensemble is by audition.

Any 100-Level Applied Studies (Piano, Guitar, or Other Instrument)


Students are required to complete four (4) hours from the following:

MU107 Music Appreciation 2 credits

Music Appreciation is an introductory music course designed to enhance the listening enjoyment and appreciation of Western art music. The course will include a study of basic music theory, the distinguishing characteristics of the various style periods and prominent composers, musicians and their works. Attendance at musical events outside of class is required.

Offered every spring.

MU100 Fine Arts Appreciation 2 credits

This is an introductory course to acquaint the student to a variety of fine arts. Appreciation for various forms of art plus an understanding of how Christian culture is influenced will be stressed.

Offered every fall.

MU211 Fundamentals of Conducting 2 credits

This course requires knowledge of the fundamentals of music. Conducting patterns are learned with an emphasis on establishing a clear and communicable style to direct an ensemble. Examples of music utilizing different meters, dynamics, and styles will be analyzed and directed.

MU102 Music Fundamentals

Offered fall, even years.

MU214 Voice Methods 1 credit

This course is designed to provide basic vocal instruction for non-voice majors (primarily music majors with an instrumental emphasis) and address basic principles of singing, including posture, breathing, resonance, phonation, and diction.

Music major or consent of instructor.

Offered fall, odd years.

MU252 Introduction to Instrumental Music 2 credits

This course serves to introduce vocal/choral majors to the fundamentals of instrumental instruction and performance.

Offered spring, odd years.