Music Performance Minor - 21 Credits

Bachelor of Arts

This minor is for students who possess skills in musical performance and want to improve those skills by focusing on applied study and participation in performing ensembles.  Entrance into this program is contingent on a successful audition.  Studies in music theory and music history are also required.


NOTE: Students who pass the Theory Placement Test will be required to take three (3) credits from the following electives:

  • MU203 Music Theory III
  • Applied Instruction
  • Any Choral or Instrumental Ensemble

MU107 Music Appreciation 2 hours

Music Appreciation is an introductory music course designed to enhance the listening enjoyment and appreciation of Western art music. The course will include a study of basic music theory, the distinguishing characteristics of the various style periods and prominent composers, musicians and their works. Attendance at musical events outside of class is required.

Offered every spring.

MU102 Music Fundamentals 3 hours

A study of basic musicianship with emphasis on the elements of music theory including the staff, scales, intervals, keys, signatures, etc. (Also open to non-music majors.)

Offered every spring.

MU105 Sight-Singing and Ear Training I 1 hour

Study and practice to develop the skill of accurately sight-reading melodies through the solfege system and melodic dictation.

MU102 Music Fundamentals
Successful completion of a fundamentals proficiency test.

Offered every fall.

MU106 Sight-Singing and Ear Training II 1 hour

A continuation of MU105.

MU105 Sight-Singing and Ear Training I

Offered every spring.


Students are required to complete four (4) of the following:

MU199 Recital 0 hours

This course is a field experience in designing and programming concerts.  When fulfilling the requirements of this course, students will be exposed to a broad variety of musical literature and concert formats and settings.  The requirements for the course include attending on and off-campus concerts and writing reaction papers to those concerts.

Offered every semester.


Students are required to complete four (4) hours of 100-level Applied Lessons (4 semesters at 1 hour each).


Students must complete four (4) hours from the following:

MU109 OCU Chorale 1 hour

The OCU Chorale is open to all students. A successful audition is required for admission. This course will focus on proper breathing, choral tone, diction, and overall musicianship by way of a diverse body of choral repertoire. Students will memorize music and learn common performance practice for various church, school, and civic performances. Some travel is required of students in this ensemble. (Repeatable)

Offered every semester.

MU119 Chamber Singers 1 hour

The OCU Chamber Singers is a select group of singers, and is open to all students with the completion of a successful audition. Students will focus on chamber music from a diverse body of repertoire, and will focus particularly on a capella singing. This course will focus on proper breathing, choral tone, diction, and overall musicianship. Some travel is required of the members of this ensemble. (Repeatable)

Offered every semester.

MU140 University Band 1 hour

Membership is open to students, faculty, staff and community members who wish to continue their musical study and who complete a successful audition. This ensemble emphasizes a high level of artistry and musicianship with the study and performance of a wide variety of fine band literature. For music majors, it provides an opportunity to observe rehearsal techniques, gives instrumental students an opportunity to conduct, as well as synthesizing other aspects of musical study.

Audition or consent of director.

Offered every semester.