Pastoral Care and Counseling Minor - 21 Credits

Bachelor of Arts

PS413 Abnormal Psychology 3 hours

Students explore abnormal behavior from various theoretical perspectives. Included is the analysis of causation of behavioral abnormality and methods of therapy.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology
PS311 Personality Theories

Offered fall, odd years.

PS225 Diversity Issues in Psychology 3 hours

This course introduces the application of diversity perspectives to psychological research and practice. It emphasizes why all psychological sub-disciplines need to understand diversity issues.  Approaches for serving underserved groups will be examined with current theory and research applied.

SO203 Marriage, Family, and Human Sexuality 3 hours

This course provides a survey of the basic family organization, from courtship through the adjustments of the family in the modern home. A Christian perspective will be emphasized, as the course deals with these relationships, as well as developing the full potential of our human sexuality.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology

Offered each fall.

PC225 Pastoral Care 3 hours

Pastoral care focuses on skills utilizing Christian resources to sustain and empower parishioners and congregations as well as pastoral interventions appropriate to traditional ministry settings. Topics include relational and life-span issues as well as crisis situations.

PC201 Pastoral Counseling 3 hours

This course will seek to help the student understand the counseling needs of their congregation. Emphasis will be placed on learning models of pastoral counseling that will help the student appreciate spiritual, emotional, mental, and behavioral healthful change through biblical intervention.

Offered alternate years.

PC334 Pastoral Ethics 3 hours

This course is designed for persons in traditional ministry settings. Ministry as both a career and profession will be highlighted in addition to the minister's relationships with family members, friends, and parishioners. Various clergy ethical codes will be used to inform the minister's understanding of appropriate boundaries, professional collegiality and sexual conduct.

PS201 Principles of Counseling 3 hours

This course is offered to confront the student with concerns for which counseling skills are needed. Emphasis will be placed on counseling methods, diagnosis of the concern, and how to apply a solution to that concern. Practice Counseling will be conducted in class through the process of role playing.

SO101 Introduction to Sociology
PS102 General Psychology

Offered every fall.