Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Students can earn credits through a portfolio process. A maximum of 12 semester credit hours for associate-level, which does count toward Advanced Standing, or 24 semester credit hours for bachelor-level may be earned by prior learning assessment (PLA). The primary use of PLA credit is for elective credit.

These credits can come from a number of different sources, including workshops, seminars, self-study, non-credit classes, training programs, and work experiences. The University evaluates and grants appropriate credits for the student’s learning (not just the experience) from these sources.

A three-credit course PLA1000/3000 Portfolio Development is offered at various times throughout the year. Students taking this course will be instructed in prior learning assessment and how to write for college credit based upon their background and training. Students may write for up to 12 credit hours as part of the initial course work. Bachelor students may write for up to an additional 12 credits thereafter.

PLA Requirements

  1. Students requesting PLA credit must request to be enrolled in PLA1000/3000 Portfolio Development and complete paper(s) approved for credits. Students earn three-credit hours for a passing grade (P) for PLA1000/3000 course and additional credits for acceptable paper(s) submitted which are added to the student’s transcript.
  2. Students must finish ALL work for PLA1000/3000 within the course timeline. Failure to do so may result in loss of credit for PLA3000 and/or fees being charged for the completed paper(s)/credit hours. Students desiring PLA credit beyond that achieved in the PLA1000/3000 course must contact their Academic Advisor and agree to specific start and end dates for submission of all work.
  3. Students pay the regular tuition rates of $325/credit hour for the PLA1000 course or $415/credit hour for the PLA3000 course, plus a transcripting fee of $100/credit hour for any credit earned above and beyond the course.
  4. No more than 12 semester credit hours for associate-level or 24 semester credit hours for bachelor-level may come from PLA. PLA credit is not available toward graduate degree requirements.