Associate of Arts

The Business major is for adults who want to equip themselves with a basic education in business related skills. The inclusion of a core of Bible/Christian Worldview classes ensures this education is morally and ethically grounded. There are five concentrations: Agribusiness, Information Systems Technology, Production Technician, Logistic Technician, and Business Management.

60 Semester Credits - Core Business Course List

OCU1000 College Success Skills 3 hours 5 weeks

This orientation course introduces students to learning techniques to ensure academic success at Ohio Christian University. Topics include communication skills, research methodology, critical thinking, and life management. Additionally, students master the use of the Edvance360 online learning system.

ENG1000 English Composition I 3 hours 5 weeks

This course is an introductory study of composition, emphasizing the process of research and writing.  Students will gain and refine skills of developing a thesis, organizing content, and  revising drafts to express ideas clearly and correctly. Social media platforms will be explored to enable students to network professionally. 

MGT1000 Introduction to Management 3 hours 5 weeks

This course introduces learners to accepted management principles from both a historic and contemporary perspective with application to both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

ENG2000 English Composition II 3 hours 5 weeks

This course emphasizes persuasive writing and extends creative experiences. Learners will reflect scholarly and professional writing skills, such as principles of logical/critical thinking and reasoning, effective organization, APA research and documentation, and content-rich development of ideas.

COM2000 Oral Communication 3 hours 5 weeks

This course focuses on the principles of speech composition, outlining, and delivery. There is practice in preparing and presenting speeches that can introduce, inform, and persuade.  The student will be encouraged to make immediate application of principles within the current work/ministry environment.

BIB2000 New Testament Survey 3 hours 5 weeks

This course provides a general survey of the New Testament. Special emphasis is placed on the historical background of the New Testament, the beginning of Christianity, and the development of the apostolic church.

MAT1000 Introduction to Math Systems 3 hours 5 weeks

The purpose of this course is to create a deeper understanding and appreciation of mathematical procedures for the student with limited mathematical background.  In this survey course, students will learn numeration systems, number theory, rational numbers, and introduction to algebra, geometry, and statistics.

BIB1200 Old Testament Survey 3 hours 5 weeks

Old Testament Survey is an overview of the background, events, people, and theology of the Old Testament with reflection on connections to the New Testament and application to Christian faith and life.

PSY2000 Introduction to Psychology 3 hours 5 weeks

This course gives an overview study of the fundamental concepts of psychology; including biological processes, development, behavior, learning and memory, personality, psychological disorders, therapy and social psychology. Throughout the course case examples, DVD case demonstrations, group interaction and related self-study exercises help prepare the students to develop their own personalized view of psychology and the workmanship of God. The student will be taught how to examine this subject through a Christian and biblical worldview.

GEO2010 Earth Science 3 hours 5 weeks

This course is a study of Earth Science including physical and historical geology, meteorology, and descriptive astronomy; the economic, social, and philosophic aspects of the subject matter, with a biblical perspective.