Counseling Certificate

Certificate - BA Level

This certificate prepares individuals to have a foundational understanding of human behavior in various settings.

This certificate verifies successful completion of the courses required to earn a “Counseling Certificate” and does not constitute a certificate or license that is required under Ohio law or any other state law or any other state law to engage in the practice of professional counseling or chemical dependency counseling.

Certificate Objective

Upon completion of the Counseling Certificate, students should be able to apply counseling theories to life situations.


A Counseling Certificate will be printed on the transcript of those students who have successfully completed these 12 credits of counseling courses with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in the designated courses.

Required Courses

PSY3000 Methods of Counseling 3 hours 5 weeks

This course gives an overview of several main concepts, practices and applications of counseling theories while looking at both ethical and professional issues confronting the counselor today. Constructs of how the counselor as a person prepares themselves and integrates theory with Christian and biblical views will be examined. Throughout the course, case examples, DVD case demonstrations, group interaction and related self-study workbook exercises help prepare the students to develop their own personalized counseling style.

PSY3010 Life Span Psychology 3 hours 5 weeks

The approach of this course is a holistic study of the individual in the total span of life from birth through senior adulthood. This course is designed to provide a foundation for understanding human development. It describes the process of human growth and development, studies the needs in the major life stages and integrates the biblical perspective of human development.

SAC3200 Family Dynamics in Substance Abuse 3 hours 5 weeks

This course explores the impact of chemical dependency and substance abuse upon the family system.  Enabling as a dynamic that reinforces dysfunctional patterns will be examined.  Attention is given to treatment options and interventions for not only the family member with the Substance Use Disorder, but the other family members impacted by their use as well.  Additionally, substance use issues related to adolescents and children will be addressed. These dynamics will be addressed with a Christian and biblical worldview.

PSY4030 Spiritual Dimensions of Illness and Recovery 3 hours 5 weeks

This course explores the dynamics of spirituality and religion that can impact the counseling process. The material on ethical challenges and specific elements of spirituality is presented from a Christian perspective.