Books and Materials

The Adult & Graduate Studies programs have been, in part, designed to serve the needs of working adult students. With this in mind, our normal processes within the majority of our programs include procuring all of the required textbook and resource materials for our students and shipping them directly to the address most convenient for the student. This is a service we are happy to provide, and is one that we believe allows our students to focus more of their valuable time on their coursework and learning.  OCU also has a relationship with many major publishers.  In an effort to assist our students in their move to digital forms of content, we have negotiated lower prices for books bundled with e-books and directly embedded them in our courses.

Accordingly, this bundled price has its own unique ISBN, which we will deliver in both forms: paper and electronic.  This companion book is not for resale because of the special pricing negotiated with the publisher.

Opt-Out Option

For courses which do not have an e-book bundle, we do, however, understand the desire for individual students to seek to maximize their educational dollars in various ways. This need, along with compliance to the regulations referenced above, prompts OCU to allow students the opportunity to choose their own personal textbook and materials procurement option if desired. This choice will allow a student to opt out of Ohio Christian University’s standard textbook and materials procurement and distribution processes and secure their required materials in whatever manner they so decide. More information about this option may be obtained by contacting Raeanne Marsee, Curriculum Services Coordinator at OCU,

Delivery and Payment

For the OCU inclusive textbook system, books and materials will be provided for each student, and will be delivered on or prior to the first class session. Therefore, if students have an address change they must ensure it is updated in SONIS at least 21 days before the class is scheduled to begin.  "Sharing of materials" is not an option and all books/materials must be purchased directly from OCU by each student. Students receive payment schedules during the registration process which indicate the estimated costs for books and materials. A resource fee is assessed for each course and added to the student bill. If a student qualifies for financial aid, the fees will be paid with whatever financial aid has been awarded, after tuition. If a student does not qualify for financial aid, the book fee may be paid when tuition is paid.

Returning Books or Course Materials

Please note: Textbook changes are inevitable. Should it become necessary for a student to withdraw from a course, all books and materials should be returned immediately, if eligible, to avoid additional charges if/when the course is taken at a later date. If materials are not returned, and course materials change in the time between withdrawal and reentry, the student will be charged for new materials. Materials are eligible for return credit within 60 days from the date of withdrawal provided the student has not attended any of the class sessions, or posted any assignments for online classes, and the materials have not been used or damaged (e.g., writing, highlighting, physical damage, CD's & access codes intact in original sealed packaging, etc.) in any way.