Master of Management

Master of Management

The MM program prepares professionals who want to enhance their career path in a variety of profit or not-for-profit organizations. The program emphasizes critical and strategic thinking, ethics, and real-world application of management principles.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of the MM program, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate awareness and improvement of thinking and learning strategies.
  3. Apply management principles to work with people and processes within a profit or not-for-profit organization.
  4. Evaluate operations and provide recommendations to improve performance.

36 Semester Credits Core Course List

BUS5000 Graduate Essentials 1 credit 4 weeks

In this four-week version of Graduate Essentials, students enter the Ohio Christian University MBA with a wide variety of academic, work, and life experiences. As the first course for all entering students, Graduate Essentials begins the process of capitalizing on the student’s previous experiences and reviews the primary skills and tools necessary to succeed in the remainder of the program. The course is an overview of writing, research, team collaboration, communication, and problem solving while building the student’s self-awareness of personal strengths.

BUS5030 Economics for Managers 3 credits 6 weeks

This course is an overview of basic economic theory necessary for establishing, revising, and interpreting business policy.  Students will identify and interpret appropriate economic indicators and macroeconomic and microeconomic phenomena that aid sound decision-making for management.  The course will also deal with political influences on the performance of markets, currency exchange, and economic growth.

MKT5010 Marketing and Advertising for Managers 3 credits 6 weeks

This course is a study of Marketing Management with emphasis on analyzing marketing mix variables for problem solving in both domestic and international markets.  Also it explores and analyzes consumer behavior as well as captures customer value through improving product management, maximizing channels and establishing customer-driven marketing strategies.  Evaluation of digital marketing strategies is included in the course.

BUS5020 Project Management 3 credits 6 weeks

This course develops a foundation of principles and solutions that support project management through all lifecycle phases, including initiation, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. It also includes a strategic view of best practice project management techniques, processes, and activities.

BUS5050 Legal and Regulatory Environment 3 credits 6 weeks

This course reviews various regulatory and legal systems and their causal effect on the legal environment of business. The course will analyze relevant court cases and legal principles as a basis for understanding the depth and breadth of the law’s influence on the free market enterprise systems.

MGT6060 Theory and Practice of Leadership 3 credits 6 weeks

This course will investigate the importance and impact of leadership on the function and performance of organizations. The topics covered will also include organizing, leading, and controlling groups and organizations, along with a survey of current literature on the topic of leadership.

MGT6500 Ethics in Leadership 3 credits 6 weeks

This course is designed to analyze and evaluate ethical, legal, and moral issues facing individuals and within the context of a Christian biblical worldview.  Students will be challenged to critically examine the challenges for leaders and managers to infuse and support ethical principles in an organizational culture.

MGT6040 International Business Management 3 credits 5 weeks

This course deals with the challenges of managing in a culturally diverse organization. The course focuses on internal management practices necessary for operating effectively in a multi-cultural environment.  Areas of study include special challenges for management of multi-national operations, managing diverse cultures, and multi-national/multi-cultural human resource management.

This course may be replaced with MGT6060 International Studies (see Electives Section).

MGT6080 Strategic Leadership 3 credits 6 weeks

This course includes an examination of the processes and approaches of strategic leadership beginning with the setting of direction through the defining of the organization’s mission and vision. The analysis of the development, implementation, and attainment of measurable strategic goals will include a review of how managers’ evaluate internal and external environments as part of this process.

FIN5060 Managerial Finance and Analysis 3 credits 6 weeks

This course provides a framework for analysis of investment and financing decisions, through an understanding of financial theory and strategies. Emphasis is placed on the application of financial theory to management decision-making and problem solving.