Facilities on the main campus provide space to meet student needs for learning and living in an academic environment:

  • The Maxwell Center is the largest building on campus, consisting of over 83,000 square feet that was completed in 3 phases. The first phase was completed in August 2007. It houses a gymnasium and the Dowler Conference Room. The second phase Science/Logistics wing was completed in August 2010. It houses the Office of the President, Administrative offices, University Advancement offices, the Executive Conference Room, classrooms, office suites, Business and Government Department, and the Science Department. Finally, the third phase was The Dean and Diana Hickman Student Center which was completed in 2012 and consists of the cafeteria, Blaze café, bookstore, post office, auxiliary gym, Student Development Department, Psychology Department, Security office and classrooms.
  • Johnson Hall contains classrooms, offices, and lounge areas. Originally constructed in 1969, a $500,000 addition was completed in January 2007, bringing the square-footage to 15,500.  It currently houses Traditional Admissions, recruiter offices, University Registrar, and the Operations Department.
  • The Conley Ministry Center, built in 2005, houses the Music Department and is equipped with state-of-the-art piano teaching labs, several private practice rooms, and faculty offices. This 6,000 square-foot building serves as a commons area for students and is adjoined to Johnson Hall.
  • The Maxwell Library is home to more than 79,000 volumes and is open to the public. This 11,000 square-foot facility, with construction completed in two phases in 1969 and 1999, also provides faculty offices, several classrooms, computer labs, and a walk-up IT Help Desk.
  • The Graham Administration Building, a 6,900 square-foot facility, contains Business, Financial Aid, and Human Resource offices. Originally constructed in 1966, the building underwent a complete renovation in 2005.
  • The Detty Chapel, built in 1968, is the location for chapel services and houses the University Church.
  • The Shuttleworth building located west of main campus on US Route 22 in Circleville was purchased in 2010. The Berry Leaf building which is also west of campus on 22 was purchased in 2012. These buildings house offices for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies and the Answer Center.
  • The University maintains residence halls centrally located for easy access to the campus that offer an attractive variety of living arrangements with suites, triples, doubles, and singles. These include:
    • York Hall, completed in 1967, is a men’s hall with 72 beds and was renovated in 2011.
    • Moore Hall, completed in 1972 with renovations in 2006 and 2015, is a women’s hall with 55 beds.
    • New Hall, completed in 2007, is a women’s hall with 48 beds in suite living arrangements. The building was designed to become an "L" shaped building with future additions, making room for student enrollment growth.
    • New 2 Hall is a women's hall with 27 beds and was renovated in 2013.
    • Moats Hall, renovated in 2009, is a men’s hall with 24 beds in a home-like setting.
    • Terrace Hall is an off campus women’s hall with 24 beds in a home-like setting.
    • Three six-person townhouses are a community of residential units for our upper class students, designed to prepare students for independent living.