GPA Requirements

Students are placed on Academic Warning, Probation or Suspension based on the following guidelines:

Semester Hours Attempted

(Including transfer hours)

Academic Warning

Cumulative GPA Below


Academic Probation

Cumulative GPA Below


Academic Suspension

Cumulative GPA Below


1-16 1.8 1.7  
17-32 1.9 1.8 1.7
33-48 2.0 1.9 1.8
49-59   2.0 1.9
60 and above Semester GPA Below 2.0   Cumulative GPA Below 2.0


Academic Warning, Probation, and Suspension

  • While on Academic Warning students may register for only 12 hours.
  • Academic Probation is recorded on the student’s transcript and students are required to register for PS097 Academic Success, and students may register for only 12 additional hours.
  • Academic Suspension is recorded on the student’s transcript, and the student is suspended for the next Fall or Spring Semester, and may not register for the summer term.
  • Students who wish to appeal for reconsideration of the academic suspension may contact the Registrar’s Office for instructions. If the appeal is granted the transcript will be marked Academic Probation with Granted Appeal.
  • A student returning by appeal or after suspension will continue on Academic Probation until their GPA reaches the required level.
  • The Academic Committee may impose additional restrictive and/or corrective measures it feels will help students overcome their grade point average deficiency.