Honors Program

Professional Staff: Professor Matt Decker

The Honors Program at Ohio Christian University is designed to prepare students for graduate studies. The honors program enhances the undergraduate educational experience of students who have demonstrated high academic proficiency throughout high school or through their first year of college. The program consists of learning activities and curriculum that engages students in advanced levels of research that challenge them to explore new ideas and concepts. It provides an avenue for students to develop communication and writing skills, develop critical thinking skills, and improve their ability to integrate faith and learning in their professional field. The curriculum and activities are interrelated in nature and encourages conversation between liberal art classes, the Bible, and the student's professional field.

All students graduating from the University's Honors Program must complete 1 hour of honors credit for each semester in which they enrolled at Ohio Christian University as a traditional undergraduate student. Honors graduates are recognized at graduation and receive a special certificate and honors medallion. Completion of the Honors Program is also noted on transcripts.

The cost for the senior project is underwritten by the program including materials, copying, and binding of the project, or other associated costs.

Honors Seminars Requirement

The Honors Program requires the completion of an honors seminar each semester in which the student is enrolled at OCU. Furthermore, each student is required to complete a senior project comprised of a project proposal, final paper, and final presentation.

Honors Proposals

At the beginning of their junior year, honors students are enrolled in a project proposal seminar. This seminar is planned to assist honors students with preparing their project proposals. Students must submit their project proposal at the end of the class.

Senior Honors Project

The honors capstone project may be completed during the junior or senior year. This project provides the scholar with the opportunity to explore a topic within his/her major field of study. Projects may be varied and include research, development, application, or creative works. Specific requirements with respect to the type of work, the format of the project report, and other details are determined by the student's area of concentration and proposal. Each student, with assistance from a mentor professor, conducts research in his/her major or approved research field and communicates those findings in an honors project.

The Senior Honors Project is completed under the direction of a mentoring faculty member, and must include a substantial written report, similar to an undergraduate thesis. The Senior Honors Project contract requires the signatures of the student, mentoring faculty, and Honors Program Director.

Honors Program Admission Requirements

Admission to the Honors Program in the First/Freshman Year

Students beginning their first full year of college are eligible for admission into the Honors Program. They must satisfy the following requirements:

  • ACT composite score of 27 or above, or SAT composite score of 1820 or above.
  • High School GPA of 3.4 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Two references in writing from persons familiar with the academic abilities of the applicant.
  • Submission of a completed Honors Program Application form and 300-350 word essay.
  • Interview with the Honors Program Committee.
  • Students must complete all necessary application procedures prior to registration for classes at Ohio Christian University.
Admission to the Honors Program as a Transfer Student

Students transferring to Ohio Christian University at or before the start of their second/sophomore year may be admitted to the Honors Program if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • 3.5 GPA in all undergraduate work completed.
  • ACT composite score of 27 or above, or SAT composite score of 1210 or above.
  • Letter of recommendation from two professors at the previously attended college or university.
  • Submission of a completed Honors Program Application form and 300-350 word essay.
  • Interview with the Honors Program Committee.
Continuation in the Honors Program

To continue in the program from year to year, the Honors Scholar must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher.
  • Enroll in the fall and spring Honors Seminars.
  • Progress toward completion of other Honors Program requirements, including the completion of an acceptable Senior Honors Project.