English Minor - 15 Credits

Bachelor of Arts

Students must complete fifteen (15) hours of Literature or Writing Electives. Some of the courses for selection include the following:

LA351 Literature for Adolescents 3 credits

This course is designed to expose students to quality adolescent literature. Particular emphasis is given to examination of current issues, including censorship, multiculturalism, various approaches to reading, the relation of adolescent literature to classic literature, and the integration of adolescent literature into thematic units.

Offered fall, odd years.


The below listed courses, offered online through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (AGS), may also be taken for this minor.

See the AGS catalog for course descriptions.

  • EN2260 American Literature I
  • EN2280 American Literature II
  • EN3260 British Literature I
  • EN3280 British Literature II
  • EN4000 Literary Criticism
  • EN4100 18th Century Novel
  • EN4200 History and Nature of English Language
  • EN3400 Editing Essentials
  • EN3800 Professional and/or Technical Writing
  • EN4400 Modern Rhetorical Writing
  • EN4800 Senior Capstone Course