Bachelor of Arts

EC101 Microeconomics 3 credits

A study of the basic economic principles related to supply and demand, consumer behavior, market dynamics, income distribution, government influence, and comparative economic systems with major focus on free enterprise and capitalism.


EC201 Macroeconomics 3 credits

The study of economic principles related to global and national economies, income accounting, unemployment, inflation, fiscal policy, public debt, monetary systems, and economic growth or retraction.

AC262 Accounting for Managers 3 credits

This course deals with accounting, cost, finance, and information systems used for business managers to make strategic business decisions to improve the financial performance of a business enterprise.

Offered every spring.


AC101 Principles of Accounting I 3 credits

An introduction to the basic accounting principles and theories, principles, and financial information systems. This course covers the double entry accrual system and addresses financial reporting of current assets, liabilities, and long-term assets along with an analysis of financial statements.

AC222 Principles of Finance 3 credits

The financial principles and accepted practices which need to be mastered by all managers including banking, money, credit, financial instruments, investments, financial planning, internal and external auditing, profit, stocks, bonds, and other financial forms will be examined.

MG101 Introduction to Business 3 credits

This course provides students with a foundation in functional areas of business, including environment, planning, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, distribution, finances, and ethics. Introduces business terminology and concepts.

MG252 Entrepreneur Basics 3 credits

This course will provide students with an understanding of starting a business, characteristics of the entrepreneur, and unique concepts of business ownership. An emphasis will be placed on identifying and evaluating entrepreneurial opportunities. Case studies, interaction with successful entrepreneurs, and traditional coursework will be used to provide a combination of learning activities for the student.

MG101 Introduction to Business

MG102 Principles of Marketing 3 credits

This course involves an integrated analysis of the role of marketing within the total organization. Specific attention is given to the analysis of factors affecting consumer behavior, the identification of marketing variables, the development and use of marketing strategies, and the discussion of international marketing.

MG202 Business Roundtables 0 credits

The School of Business & Government holds a number of Business Roundtables every year with business leaders in small, medium, and large businesses. The roundtables are designed to give students an opportunity to understand how theory and practice come together in the actual experiences of significant business people.  Students will be required to interact and network with these business leaders during and after the roundtables. Students are required to attend at least three roundtables during their college career in order to complete this pass/fail requirement. 

MG330 Career Development Seminar 0 credits

The Career Development Seminar is a practicum designed to assist and give the student practical strategies and skills related to career searches, preparing for job interviews, resumé preparation, networking, and developing a career portfolio. Special emphasis will be given to developing career goals and plans. The seminar will be held 6 times every other fall semester. Students must complete 4 of the 6 sessions in one semester to receive pass/fail credit for this seminar.

MG203 Distinguished Speakers Series 0 credits

The School of Business & Government hosts various significant experts and nationally recognized thought leaders. The goal of the Distinguished Speakers Series is to allow students to learn from experts, significant authorities, and leaders in various areas of significance to the students enrolled in the School of Business & Government students. Further, these Distinguished Speakers Series events are held on Ohio Christian University campus to give students the opportunity to network and meet these experts and authorities while on campus.

Students must complete two of these.