Nonprofit Concentration

Bachelor of Arts

The Nonprofit Concentration introduces students to complexities of nonprofit management and leadership.  Courses provide the student with a basic and well-rounded understanding of the dynamics of nonprofit leadership.

Concentration Objective

Apply the leadership and management principles to analyze nonprofit operations and provide recommendations for improvement.

Core Nonprofit Concentration Course List

MGT4400 Fundamentals of Nonprofit Organizations 3 credits 5 weeks

This course focuses on the dynamics of nonprofit organizations.Students will explore the uniqueness of developing nonprofit organizations.

MGT4410 Nonprofit Management and Leadership 3 credits 5 weeks

Management and leadership for nonprofits requires an understanding of the principles of servant leadership. Students learn how to apply servant leadership practices to the daily management of nonprofits

MGT4420 Nonprofit Governance 3 credits 5 weeks

Nonprofits utilize volunteer boards and other organizational structures to guide the organization.  This course outlines principles of building volunteer boards, understanding governmental policies, and creating guidelines.

MGT4430 Nonprofit Fundraising and Financial Stability 3 credits 5 weeks

This course introduces students to various funding processes to establish or maintain financial stability.