Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Bachelor of Arts

The BA in Marketing and Consumer Behavior provides an insight into human psychology with an emphasis on what motivates consumers to make purchasing decisions, and how this understanding can be used to develop marketing strategies.         

Program Objectives    

Upon graduating from the program, students should be able to:

  • Integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision making.
  • Demonstrate awareness and improvement of thinking and learning strategies.
  • Articulate a basic understanding of the principles of human psychological development.
  • Analyze the motivations of consumers that drive purchasing decisions.
  • Integrate consumer behavior analysis in developing marketing strategies.

Course Requirements

120 Credit Hours
  • 36 credit hours in General Education
  • 39 credit hours in Marking and Consumer Behavior Major Courses
    • 12 credit hours in Business
    • 15 credit hours in Marketing
    • 12 credit hours in Psychology
  • 18 credit hours in Faith and Religion Courses beyond General Education requirements
  • 27 credit hours in Electives

Program Course List

39 credit hours in Marketing and Consumer Behavior courses at the 3000-level or above, selected from:

ENG3000 Writing in the Disciplines 3 credits 5 weeks

This course focuses on digital research and writing skills that support academic and professional success. Students will also be introduced to online tools for practical, academic, and professional development.

REL3000 Transformed Worldview 3 credits 5 weeks

The course will explore ways in which the student can develop a positive relationship with God as he/she explores the role of general revelation (the creation), special revelation (the Scriptures), and experiences God at work in the modern world.

BUS3100 Concepts of Leadership 3 credits 5 weeks

The course is a study involving strategies from the business for-profit, the non-profit sector, and the moral and spiritual arena. Application of the concepts will influence personal and career goals.

BUS4030 Macroeconomics 3 credits 5 weeks

This course introduces economic analysis at the aggregate level, including the impact of monetary and fiscal policies on the aggregate behavior of individuals and business.  The effect of current domestic and international policies on macroeconomic performance is analyzed. 

Recommendation: Completion of a prior college level economics course.

PSY3010 Life Span Psychology 3 credits 5 weeks

The approach of this course is a holistic study of the individual in the total span of life from birth through senior adulthood. This course is designed to provide a foundation for understanding human development. It describes the process of human growth and development, studies the needs in the major life stages and integrates the biblical perspective of human development.

THE4000 Introduction to Theology 3 credits 5 weeks

This course will be a systematic study of the doctrines of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, man, sin, salvation and other related topics. These themes will be examined through various passages of scripture within the context of scripture.

PSY3020 Theories of Personality 4 credits 7 weeks

This course is designed to both explain the major personality theories and stimulate critical thinking about them. The major features of each theory and a focus on the underlying assumptions will be presented. Throughout the course comparison will be made between the theories and principles of Scripture.

any introductory psychology course

PSY3030 Social Psychology 2 credits 3 weeks

This course is an intensive look at social group influences on individual behavior. Behavioral expressions such as aggression, prejudice, attitude change, and affiliation are studied from the viewpoint of social science and Scripture.

any introductory psychology course

BUS3000 Ethics 3 credits 5 weeks

This course presents an overview of some of the main classical philosophical views that have shaped Western norms, values, and beliefs. Christian Ethics will be the primary focus of this course. There will be a direct correlation drawn between ethics and morals. Decisions or choices are made based on a system of beliefs. In Christian Ethics, the Bible is used to prescribe how a person ought to live.

MKT4220 Product and Brand Management 3 credits 5 weeks

This course examines decision-making for the management of products and brands in relationship to the product life cycle.


MKT4230 Market Research 3 credits 5 weeks

This course provides a study of how data analysis and consumer perspective are used in contemporary marketing efforts. 


MKT4250 Consumer Behavior 3 credits 5 weeks

This course focuses on exploring basic consumer behavior theories and analyzes how that behavior can be affected by different marketing strategies.

MGT4800 Management Capstone 3 credits 5 weeks

Offers an overall view of managing an organization by challenging students to integrate learning from all course work in solving complex management problems.

Completion of BA program major courses and/or concentration courses.