2018-2019 Residential Program Academic Catalog

Ohio Christian University Academic Catalog for Traditional Undergraduate Program

Traditional Undergraduate Program

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A Message from the President

Welcome to Ohio Christian University! You are now an OCU Trailblazer!

A trailblazer is a person who prepares a trail for other people to follow. In one sense they lead; but in another they serve. They “go before,” so that others can follow in their path.

From its founding in 1948, Ohio Christian University has been committed to open and intense inquiry with a shared understanding that our commitment to learning and knowledge go hand in hand with our commitment to Scripture. We recognize that our most important contributions of discovery, education, engagement, and application rest on our focus on engaging society for the cause of Christ. It’s all about a redeemed mind, a transformed heart, and empowered hands and feet. It’s Knowing and Going. The power of our ideas and influence of our education, regardless of the academic discipline, are aimed
at impacting the culture for the Kingdom of Christ.

Ohio Christian University has defined academic disciplines, majors, and modes of thought and has had a transformative impact on fields including ministry, missions, business, human services, and nursing. Our diverse student body and quality faculty work together in an interactive, multidisciplinary atmosphere. Our mission is to prepare each OCU student to serve both the church and society. Graduates from our online, graduate, and professional programs have all been impacted by their education and empowered to lead in virtually every culture shaping arena of society … and serve. After all, that’s what Trailblazers do!

Jon S. Kulaga, Ph.D.
Ohio Christian University