Duration of Suspension. Suspension is for the fall or spring semester following the dismissal. Students may not take courses during the intervening break or summer term.

Readmission after an Absence. Students who have not been suspended, but who have not enrolled in classes for one or more semesters, must complete the requirements for initial admission as outlined above. Students readmitted after an absence may be required to repeat courses in which content has changed significantly.

Readmission after Academic Suspension. Students who have been dismissed because of academic deficiency must appeal to the Academic Policies Committee for readmission to OCU. Students may contact the University Registrar's Office for help with the appeal process. For suspension guidelines, please see the Academics portion of the catalog under the heading "Grade Point Average Requirements."

Readmission after Suspension for Social Misconduct. Students dismissed because of misconduct may petition for readmission to the University after completing the suspension period. These petitions will be reviewed by the Student Life Committee. Readmission will be granted only upon a demonstration that the circumstances that led to social misconduct have been corrected.