Worship Studies Certificate - 12 Credits


The Certificate in Worship Studies program is for students and church leaders who want to better understand worship leadership. The program provides orientation to the field of worship leadership, a biblical foundation for worship leading, and essential tools for planning and leading worship.

Course Requirements

The program does not require a musical skills evaluation. Students may include electives in applied study and music ensembles.

The required courses are offered on a 2-year cycle.

WL100 Worship Leadership Forum 0 credits

Professional association for Worship Leadership students. Includes student leadership development, community engagement, and participation in professional enrichment opportunities provided by OCU and others.

Students must complete three (3) of these.

WL102 Introduction to Worship Leadership 2 credits

Introductory survey of worship ministry. Topics include the calling of a worship leader; current leadership and ministry practices; an introduction to worship planning; and survey of biblical and historical foundations of worship, overview of the OCU Worship Leadership program, including typical career opportunities. A field experience component of at least 1 hour per week for twelve weeks is required.

WL205 Music Literature for Worship 3 credits

A survey of music literature for use in ministry, including music for congregation and church ensembles. Includes a survey of the historical development of congregational song, and music expressions of worship from world cultures. Focuses on sources for acquiring worship resources.

Students must complete at least 3 credits from the following courses:

CM102 Introduction to Ministry 2 credits

This course provides an introduction to professional ministry as a life’s calling and vocation. It gives special attention to personal spiritual development, acquisition of personal ministry skills, understanding of the mission of the church, and appreciation of ministry as a profession. The course also addresses the meaning of calling, vocation, and profession from historical and contemporary perspectives, leading toward the development of the initial skills and attitudes toward becoming a professional minister.


CM102P Introduction to Ministry Observation 1 credit

Each student will be involved in observing practical ministry, shadowing a minister, and interviewing professional clergy in a local setting providing the student with a laboratory for the application of ministry principles taught in the corequisite course.

Corequisite: Introduction to Ministry
For the certificate, this course counts for WL102 plus 1 hour of elective.

CM204 Technology in the Church 2 credits

This course is designed to give students an understanding of the many different ways that information technology (IT) can be used to support individuals and groups in churches. The emphasis will be on IT for personal productivity, church communications, church operations, and enhancing worship.

MU171 Applied Piano I 1 credit

This half-hour lesson is devoted to teaching the student to play the piano with accuracy and musicianship through the use of the methods books, technical exercises, classical works for all eras, duets, and other keyboard literature. Lessons may be conducted singly or in small groups. Music majors should add the letter M to the course number (MU171M).

Offered every semester.


MU160 Applied Guitar I 1 credit

A half-hour lesson of instrument instruction.

Offered every semester.

OT221 Psalms 3 credits

A study of the historical background and setting of the Psalms as reflections of Israel’s worship. Focus is on the exposition and theology of selected Psalms.

GB100 Bible Study Methods
OT101 Old Testament Survey

Offered alternate years.

PS306 Psychology of Leadership 3 credits

This course examines the psychological and social processes that characterize effective leadership. The class will explore biblical leadership models and current leadership concepts and theories. Students will understand the positive and negative characteristics of leadership and the psychological principles of followership. The personal leadership and followership style of the individual student will be examined.

Music or Worship Leadership Electives
Music Ensembles