Coaching Minor - 18 credits


SM102 Introduction to Sports Management 3 credits

This course introduces students to the sports industry. It includes foundations of sports management and an increased awareness of career opportunities in the sports industry. Topic areas include a history of the profession, the need for management and organizational skills, current trends and future issues.

SM225 Coaching a Sport - Baseball 2 credits

Fundamentals of coaching Baseball as it relates to the selection of personnel, skill techniques, and training in depth study of the sport of baseball and how to apply game and practice knowledge in a coaching capacity to become an effective and efficient coach.

Any of the "Coaching a Sport" courses (Basketball, Soccer, or Volleyball)

SM250 Injury Prevention and Care 2 credits

This course is a study of the treatment and prevention of specific sport injuries resulting from activities in the home, recreation, intramural and extramural settings. It will cover the identification of injuries, proper treatment after they occur, and preventive measures. Students learn now to create a safe environment for athletes.

SM312 Sports Psychology 3 credits

The study of psychological and related theoretical concerns associated with sports, in relationship to prayer and spiritual influence.

SM324 Organization and Administration in Sports 3 credits

This course will help students define and understand the concepts of management and leadership within sport organizations. There will be a focus upon the various skills, roles, and functions of sport managers. This course places sport organizations in the context of their environment and emphasizes the manager’s role in adapting and reacting to changes in the environment.

SM335 Performance and Conditioning 2 credits

This course combines sound, proven strength and conditioning principles with the latest methodologies. Training programs are based on proven scientific training principles. Specifically the course will focus on the development of power, speed, acceleration, agility, and quickness for the development of high quality sport performance.

SM409 Principles of Coaching and Leadership 3 credits

This course will focus on general techniques and concerns dealing with coaching.  A specific focus will be placed on effective instructive skills in coaching, including feedback, use of practice time, and fundamental techniques of sports skills.  As part of this course’s practical experience, the student will serve as an assistant coach for one of our varsity sports.