Sport Management Minor - 18 Credits


MG330 Career Development Seminar 0 credits

The Career Development Seminar is a practicum designed to assist and give the student practical strategies and skills related to career searches, preparing for job interviews, resumé preparation, networking, and developing a career portfolio. Special emphasis will be given to developing career goals and plans. The seminar will be held 6 times every other fall semester. Students must complete 4 of the 6 sessions in one semester to receive pass/fail credit for this seminar.

Students must complete two of these.

SM102 Introduction to Sports Management 3 credits

This course introduces students to the sports industry. It includes foundations of sports management and an increased awareness of career opportunities in the sports industry. Topic areas include a history of the profession, the need for management and organizational skills, current trends and future issues.

SM213 Sports Facility Design and Management 3 credits

This course includes planning and designing areas and facilities in sports and utilization of those facilities for sporting events. Topics will include maintenance, supervision, scheduling, planning, renovation, etc.

SM314 Event Planning and Management 3 credits

This course includes the process of planning for and organizing an event in sport. Organizing a plan for an event would include financial planning, risk management, scheduling, facility use, communication, promotions, and registration.

SM409 Principles of Coaching and Leadership 3 credits

This course will focus on general techniques and concerns dealing with coaching.  A specific focus will be placed on effective instructive skills in coaching, including feedback, use of practice time, and fundamental techniques of sports skills.  As part of this course’s practical experience, the student will serve as an assistant coach for one of our varsity sports.

SM423 Sports Marketing and Sales 3 credits

This course applies the principles of promotion and marketing to the sport and fitness industry, including the area of professional sports, corporate fitness, college/high school athletics, clubs, and resorts.